Hey, I'm Laura


It's my mission to inspire you to rid your home and body of toxins - without ever feeling deprived of the things that bring you joy. 

I believe that if you want to transform your health, body and life that you need to take the reins. 

That's why I am so passionate about teaching the why's behind the what's. 

Good News! You can have...


The high performance makeup collection of your dreams, sans toxins that EFF with your hormones.


A home that smells amazing, without toxic chemical cocktails that make up synthetic fragrance.


A kitchen so clean that is sparkles - no need for toxic antibacterials.


Living space free of environmental toxins that cause long term health issues. 


A body that isn't burdened by pain or illness from toxins! 

As a Holistic Health Education Consultant...



It's my mission to HELP YOU DISCOVER THE HIDDEN ROADBLOCKS IN YOUR HEALTH IN THE FORM OF HARMFUL CHEMICALS. once they're gone, we can work on supporting your individual health needs through nutrients, nontoxic products and detoxification.

Ready? Let's begin your Toxin-Free Transformation! 

If We Were Having A Green Smoothie Date I'd Share...



Six years ago, I was a blissful newlywed whose health took an ugly nosedive two weeks after becoming a MRS. I spent the following few years crawling, scratching and fighting my way back (and further on) to a place of vibrant health. Want to know more about my journey with lyme disease, mold illness, chronic migraines, adrenal fatigue and more? Click here. 

The method that made the biggest impact on my own health was transitioning to a toxin-free lifestyle.

Now I spend my days feeling alive and passionate (despite having chronic illness)... and I strive to help you feel the same.

With three years of experience working in holistic healthcare offices and a Master's Degree in Health & Nutrition Education, Laura has been helping women detoxify their bodies and products since 2012. Laura brings a unique perspective to her clients between her training, experience and personal health struggles and triumphs. 

When Laura is not busy acting as a Health Detective,  Laura can be found in Wisconsin devouring an acai bowl (Limalicious, please!) after a barre3 class and occasionally having one-sided conversations with her dog, Tedford.