Are you feeling the pressure to choose every non-toxic product on the market? Girl, a non-toxic, natural lifestyle does not need to feel extreme, confusing or stressful. I’m happy to do the heavy lifting for you! In these sessions, you’ll share your lifestyle, your home products, beauty products, likes and dislikes and budget. I’ll create a priority and a plan specifically just for you within your budget, without pressure or extremes, to help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

Holistic NUTRITION Coaching

I see you. You’ve tried the Whole30, you’ve gone gluten free, you’ve tried countless gimmicky supplements, go on a sugar cleanse every now and then, but it never sticks.

It never feels good. It never feels sustainable.

Eating healthy should not feel restrictive. It should not feel stressful or perfectionistic. A healthy diet should be a sustainable lifestyle, not a cram session.

I don't believe in “one size fits all” nutrition.

I do believe that nutrition is a basic building block of health.

Once you know the very basic principles of holistic nutrition, combined with what foods are serving you and which aren’t, we’ll mix that all up with your lifestyle, preferences and goals to create the perfect plan so that you can feel good in your body.

I am passionate about enjoying food. I am passionate about my own body and nutrition goals. I am passionate about helping you achieve your own health goals while enjoying the food you eat every single day. Plus, you’ll finally know the answer to the ultimate question - is butter a carb?

You diet should feel good - body and mind. If you’re ready to eat the kale and the cookie, I’m your girl.




Holistic Nutriton

Nutrition Deficiencies

Feeling Good In Your Body

Hidden Food Sensitivities



 Laura has a Master's Degree in Health and Nutrition Education, she is not a doctor and therefore does not diagnose or treat disease.