hey, girl!

This course will walk you through everything you need to develop confidence in making the healthiest choices for yourself and your family when it comes to creating a green friendly home. 



Learn how to create a healthier home by starting with indoor air quality, how it affects our health and how the products we choose to bring into our home impact our air quality, as well as our homes' materials.

This is TOTALLY customizable. I'll give you all the information - you choose what's right for you.

Full disclosure, there are some big tickets items in this course, and I will help you prioritize which ones you might want to tackle - if any!- in the near future. I do not expect you to throw away your belongings or move and start from scratch. Financial wellness is a part of a holistic approach to wellness. 

Well-ing Your Dwelling is closed for enrollment at the moment. Stay tuned for the next enrollment date.