My Favorite Holistic Pregnancy Resources

I started my pregnancy with the crunchiest of intentions. I was going to have the most healthy pregnancy and beautiful, easy birth where my baby basically swam out in the birthing tub and into my arms. Well, that didn't happen. 

But, let's not let all of my holistic pregnancy research go to waste! The business of giving birth and politics of pregnancy are confusing and hard to navigate for first time moms. Whether this is your first baby or maybe you've already had a baby and had a rough birth experience and are looking for something more, I've got you covered. 

From blog posts to podcasts and an online birth course, these are the best holistic pregnancy resources I found in my research. Which I did a lot of. 

Ina Mae's Guide To Childbirth (Book)
The Business of Being Born (Documentary - available on Netflix) 
Birth Baby & Life (Podcast)
Mommypotamus (Blog)
Mama Natural (Blog, Affirmation Cards & Birth Course)
GurlGoneGreen (Blog)
Interview with Suzi on Home Birth (Podcast)
Janny Organically Birth Plan (Blog)
Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth (Book)


For more pregnancy videos, check here.  

Healthy Meals You Can Keep In A Mini Fridge




As you may know, I've been living in a hotel across the country from my home for the past month. I've learned how to stock my tiny mini fridge with healthy food for breakfasts. It seemed daunting at first to be able to keep healthy meals in such a small space without being able to heat food. It turns out, it's pretty easy to always have healthy breakfasts ready to go while traveling. 

Non - Toxic Brow Pomade Show Down (Ecobrow vs. Hynt Brow Definer)

I search for comparison videos all the time before buying products, but I never think to make them myself. This is only my second one! I figured since I own so many non-toxic brow products, I should do a video on the wax / pomade style options. 

The two hottest contenders these days are the Hynt Beauty Brow Definer and Ecobrow. 

I'll let you see for yourself in the comparison and demo which suits you better. 

5 Health Benefits - Apple Cider Vinegar

Is Apple Cider Vinegar the new coconut oil? Basically! Not only does it have topical uses, but using it internally has numerous health benefits. Here are five reasons why I drink it. 

1. Gentle Detoxification

2. Improve Gut Health

3. Heartburn Remedy

4. Decreases Sugar Cravings

5. Cold Remedy

For more information on each of these benefits, be sure to watch the video below.

Be sure that you are getting real benefits from your ACV by using one that is raw and contains "the mother" - aka those floaties. 

I like to drink my ACV in a lemonade like drink. I mix 1 TBSP ACV in a glass of sparkling water with the juice of one lemon and pour over ice. 

10 Natural Remedies For Migraine Relief

I've had chronic migraines for 14 years, nearly half my life. I'm not talking about an every other month migraine, or a beginning of my period migraine. On average, I have 4 a month. My best month was 2, but I've also had daily migraines at times. 

Migraines, as you know, are the actual worst. The drugs are usually not so great either. I don't know a migraine sufferer who doesn't have really unpleasant side effects from their migraine medication. 

I don't take a daily preventative medication, because I don't believe in taking daily pharmaceuticals that aren't necessary. I do have an emergency pain relief triptan, but often if I combine a few of these remedies I can get away without needing to take it. 

1. Daily Supplements For Nutrient Deficiencies. 

2. Seed Cycle For Hormonal Migraines. 

3. Caffeine Regulation. 

4. Epsom Salt Baths. 

5. Essential Oils. 

6. Relieve Stress Through Movement. 

7. Detoxification Through Sweat. 

8. Regular Chiropractic. 

9. Acupuncture Treatments. 

10. Hydration. 

Watch the video below to hear more details about each remedy and how they can help your symptoms, as they've helped mine. 

Maternity Ward Musings : My Water Broke At 24 Weeks Pregnant

When your water breaks, that means it's time to have your baby right? Not necessarily. 

Sometimes a woman's water can break as early as the first trimester. Sadly, in that case there is nothing a doctor can do. Past the 22 week mark, you and your baby might be able to be saved by extreme medical measures. While you know that Western Medicine isn't exactly my cup of tea, I am grateful for it right now. 

My water broke while on vacation across the country at 24 weeks pregnant. In this video, I'm sharing exactly what happened and how my first six days on hospital bed rest have been. 

I can't thank you enough for your kind words, prayers and contributions. It is truly mind blowing how generous you all are. I don't have the right words to thank you, but I wish I could send you each a thank you note.  

One thing I forgot to mention in this video is that there is no known cause for this happening. There's no way of predicting it. It's not related to any of my health issues. They say it's basically just bad luck. 

To stay on top of my day to day life in the hospital, be sure to follow me on instagram @laurasnaturallife. 

3 Surprising Causes of Acne + Natural Remedies That Help

Acne is often thought about as a topical problem. While things like using heavy beauty or skin care products, having a dirty pillowcase or chatting on your cell phone can certainly contribute to acne and breakouts, I think that acne is an internal problem. Most people know that acne can be hormonal, which is definitely a valid cause. But let's look at three other surprising internal causes of acne. 


1. Food Sensitivities. Gluten sensitivity can cause inflammation, which can be seen in the skin. However, I find that most acne that is related to food sensitivity is caused by dairy.  Dairy is a very congestive food and it is quite difficult to digest. To check out my thoughts on dairy in general, click here. 

2. Excessive Sugar & Yeast Overgrowth. Have you ever binged on ice cream and then had a massive pimple the next day? Sugar is a common cause of acne and breakouts. A bigger issue is when a person has yeast overgrowth - often described as Candida - throughout the body. Yeast Overgrowth can happen from antibiotic use, not enough good bacteria in the gut, excessive sugar, simple carbs and alcohol intake. 

3. Toxins. If your body cannot naturally detoxify the amount of chemicals that are coming in to your body, they pile up. Typically, toxins get stored in your bodies fat cells, but when they are trying to come out and your body is having trouble processing them - they have to go somewhere! That somewhere is often out though the skin, which may seem surprising, but your skin is actually your biggest organ and the body is just trying to put it to good detoxification use.  


1. Ditch dairy for 3 weeks to see if your skin improves. 

2. Significantly decrease your refined sugar intake. Along these lines, it doesn't hurt to add in a high quality probiotic or fermented food to your diet to optimize your gut flora. 

3. Eat foods that are high in zinc, such as pumpkin seeds. Zinc can be a powerful acne preventative. If you feel like your acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, try seed cycling. 

4. Begin a regular detoxification routine. If you don't know why detox is so important, I can help you with that too! You can also see my favorite detoxification methods here. 

Don't forget!

If you want to get to the bottom of your acne or other wellness issues, you can work with me one on one, too! 

One Brand Tutorial : Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo Mascara has been my Ride or Die, #1 mascara for years. It's hands down the best mascara (in my humble opinion) in green beauty. It's volumizing, it doesn't flake, it's just amazing. Yet, I'd never tried anything else from the brand. I partnered with The Choosy Chick to bring you an almost full face of nearly all first impressions. 

I know you want to know all about the eyelid primer. It does not disappoint! It really does help shadows go on smoothly and true to color. It also increases the longevity of your eye looks and it does not crease - even on my super hooded lids. Definitely a win. 

I'm also using the Pedal To The Metal Palette - um, hello 8 non-toxic eyeshadows with a beautiful mix of mattes and shimmers for under $40. If you're a matte eyeshadow lover like me, you know that matte eyeshadows in a palette are super hard to come by in the green beauty space. The Sculpt and Glow Contour Duo is really great if you're not into a real contour, but a light sculpt. It's not at all intimidating to use and gives a very natural look. 

Pssst. If you spend $50 on Lily Lolo products at The Choosy Chick, you can get the Free Eyeliner ($16 value) while stock lasts.  Code:  LOVELINER. 

Bumpdate #2 - Non-Toxic Nursery Furniture, Eating My Placenta & Peeing My Pants

Well guys, I've made it over halfway! It's so weird how the time feels like it's going so slow, yet suddenly here I am. I still feel like baby is a long way away, but my pre-baby to-do list is immense. I'm sure she'll be here sooner than I think! 

Be sure to watch the video to hear how I've been feeling and answers to important viewer questions, like:

Am I going to eat my placenta? 

Am I worried about passing lyme onto my baby?

Have I found non-toxic nursery furniture? 

What resources have I been reading / watching? 

Any baby gear purchased? 

Click to view in youtube for links to any products mentioned. 

8 Benefits of Drinking Sole & How To Make It

If you've never heard of Sole, don't worry you certainly are not alone. I didn't know what Sole was until recently! I ran across it while I was researching Adrenal Fatigue remedies that were safe during pregnancy and realized that I had been doing the baby version of Sole for years. I made it right away and have been hooked since. 

What is Sole? 

Sole is water that has been completely saturated by high quality, unrefined salt. Think Ocean Water, minus the fish poop and pollution. 

Therefore, drinking 1 tsp of salt dumped into a small amount of water is not the same as drinking 1 tsp. of Sole water.  It takes A LOT of salt to completely saturate a small amount of water.

Before you freak out about salt being unhealthy, keep in mind that table salt is the bad guy here, not real salt. Table salt has been processed and refined, leaving only sodium and chloride behind. Real salt or high quality pink Himalayan Sea Salt (it HAS to be pink!) is chock full of minerals, like 80, because it has not been processed. The minerals are what make this remedy so magical. 

What Are The Benefits? 

1. Increases Hydration. You know how Gatorade and other sports drinks are super salty? That's because salt supports water volume and increases hydration. 

2. Supports Detoxification. Salt in itself is anti-bacterial, but isn't a super powerful detoxifier. The minerals in the salt support the body's natural detoxification processes. This will just enhance what your body already does, so don't worry you won't be taking anything too provocative. 

3. Increases Energy. The minerals help to support the adrenal glands, which when supported well, can increase energy. 

4. Stimulates Digestion. The salt helps to stimulate the digestive system to work more regularly and absorb nutrients better. 

5. Relieves Muscle Cramps. The magnesium in the salt can relieve muscle tension and cramps. 

6. Regulates Blood Pressure. All of the wonderful minerals in the Sole water can actually decrease high blood pressure! 

7. Improves Sleep Quality. The mineral content will also make your body relaxed and encourage a more regular and deeper sleep. 

8. Clears Skin. The zinc in the salt can prevent acne, and many of the other minerals can actually help with healing acne scarring. 

To learn why I began to take this during pregnancy for adrenal fatigue and to support my increased blood volume, be sure to watch the full video. 

To learn how to make Sole, keep scrolling. 

How TO Make Sole

To make Sole, you will need a glass container with a non-metal lid and high quality, unrefined sea salt. Popular high quality salts are this pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Real Salt. It is very important that metal never touch the Sole, as it could potentially ruin the mineral mixture. 

Making Sole Water is extremely easy. Enter your email address below to get my guide to Sole Water, including my recipe emailed directly to your inbox! 

W3LL PEOPLE Bio Tint Multi-Action Face Moisturizer Review & Demo

Hallelujah! A new green beauty tinted moisturizer has hit the market and dare I say, it has wowed me. I've worn it A. by itself, B. mixed with a drop of facial oil and C. mixed with a couple drops of Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation. 

The Bio Tint Multi-Action Face Moisturizer from W3LL People has more coverage than your average tinted moisturizer, but isn't heavy at all. It is still quite light in terms of coverage. It won't mask dark circles or large blemishes, but it will even skin tone overall. The star of the show is the same as the star ingredient in my beloved Gressa foundation - broccoli seed oil! W3LL People describes the finish as satin, and I would have to agree. It's neither dewy nor matte, but it does have a nice luminosity. 

The shade Light is perfect for light skin with a warm undertone. If you have a cooler undertone, this will be too warm for you and I would suggest purchasing the shade Fair. Considering I'm one of the few who feel like no light foundations are warm enough for me, I am ecstatic about the undertone!

The ingredients are really wonderful, there is nothing that raises a red flag for me there. I also really love that this contains SPF 30, using zinc. No need for toxic chemical sunscreen ingredients here! I actually don't own any foundations or tinted moisturizers anymore that contain sun protection, so I really am grateful to have this product. 

The coverage that this provides is perfect for a light, on the go look for me, as I generally gravitate towards a medium coverage. If I want my skin to look a tad more flawless, I have been just topping with the W3LL People powder foundation to set it and provide a tad more coverage or mixing it with a drop or two of Gressa

The other thing that I adore is the price. Seriously, over an ounce for a clean foundation / tinted moisturizer product with SPF for under $30? Unheard of! Since filming this video, W3LL People has launched this product and several others in 200 Target stores in the US! 

Make sure to watch the video below for more in depth information and to see a demo of me applying it! 

4 Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short hair can be so fun to play with, but a nightmare if you don't know how to style it. I feel like my short hair can either look amazing (when styled) or like I'm a member of The Beatles (when not styled). 

Here are four of my go-to styles that are super fast and super easy. For more all natural hair products and styles, click here. 

The Benefits of Collagen Featuring Vital Proteins

Collagen that you drink? I had the same reaction at first. Until I realized that there were real benefits to consuming collagen. In fact, collagen used to be a staple in our ancestor's diets! 

What's so great about it? 

Collagen contains vital nutrients that are the building blocks of our hair, skin, nails, bones and joints.  

Collagen can protecting soft tissues from degrading in athletes and therefore help to prevent injury. 

Collagen may help to increase bone mass. 

Collagen also helps to improve skin elasticity. 

Why am I so crazy about it? 

The Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins have truly become one of my favorite parts of eating breakfast. They are simply grass-fed, pasture raised bovine hide collagen peptides. Nothing artificial about them! They also are a very fine powdery texture that blends seamlessly into anything and they have no taste! They also pack a whooping 18g of protein per serving. 

I typically enjoy mine at breakfast mixed into coconut yogurt and topped with granola and fruit.

My First Trimester Bumpdate + First Trimester Survival Tips!

Welcome to my very first bumpdate! To hear all about my first trimester experience including finding out and the twelve (twelve!) pregnancy symptoms that I experienced, check out the top video. For my survival tips, scroll to the second. 

By now you've heard that my first trimester was neither glowing, magical or easy. Here are my 11 survival tips: 

1. The "everything is temporary" mindset. 

2. Eat every hour! 

3. Eat whatever it is that your body will allow. Even if it's totally gross and against all of your nutrition knowledge. If you're struggling with this, I recommend checking out this podcast.   

4. Stock up on all forms of ginger, mint and sour things to suck on to alleviate nausea. 

5. Get some labs done if you're suffering or need reassurance. My brutal nausea become tolerable overnight when I increased my dose of thyroid medication. I also requested an HCG blood level prior to my 8 week midwife appointment for reassurance. 

6. Get some comfortable sleep bras! Your boobs will thank you. 

7. Establish a nightly relaxation routine. 

8. Sleep a lot and don't feel bad about it! On the flip side, say active when you can. 

9. Research! I specifically found it productive and helpful to research birth, however, you might enjoy researching baby products instead. My favorite resources for pregnancy and birth research are Mama Natural, The Birth Baby & Life Podcast and The Business of Being Born Documentary. 

10. Put on your own oxygen mask first! This is the time where it's totally cool to be selfish and do the things that you really feel you need to do. 

11. Comfortable pants! You might be surprised to learn that your high waisted compression leggings get crazy tight right away, but you also won't be able to hold up maternity leggings without a legit bump. I just ran out to Marshall's and found a pair of regular black workout leggings in a size larger than normal and they're still working for me at 16 weeks. 

4 Reasons Why You Need To Understand Beauty Ingredients

By now you've heard me preach about different ingredients and which ones I avoid. I feel really strongly that understanding a beauty ingredient label is a serious life skill that every woman should know how to do. Why? 

1. You'll never have to wonder again (or have to ask) if a product is clean or safe to use. 

2. You won't have to rely on someone else's word or a score on an app. 

3. You'll never be duped by marketing buzzwords again. 

4. You'll feel freakin' empowered and be the authority on beauty in your circle of friends. 

To hear more about these reasons, and the solution that I have for you, make sure to watch the video below. 


Now through Saturday, January 14th you can snag a video call with me in addition to your Clean Beauty Academy enrollment. Check out all the details on Clean Beauty Academy and this special offer right here. 

The Best of 2016 Awards! Non-Toxic Beauty & Lifestyle Products

THE BEST OF 2016 AWARDS ARE HERE! I've got natural beauty, skin care, hair care, body care and lifestyle products that I loved during 2016 to share with you. And some new awards, too! Grab a snack, because this is a long one!  Without further ado, the awards! Be sure to check out the full length video below for details on each product. 


The BEST...

Liquid Foundation: Gressa Serum Minimalist Foundation. See my review or the other liquid foundations that I enjoyed this year. 

Cream Foundation: Honest Beauty Cream Foundation. See my comparison of all the cream foundations that I enjoyed this year. 

Translucent Setting Powder: W3LL People Bio-Brightener Powder

Tinted Setting Powder / Powder Foundation: Zuzu Luxe Pressed Powder Foundation 

Full Coverage Concealer: W3LL People Bio-Correct Concealer

Lightweight Concealer: Nu Evolution Camouflage Cream

Primer: Hynt Beauty Skin Prep Primer 

Blush: Honest Beauty Cream Blush Truly Exciting 

Contour & Highlight Combo: RMS Contour Bronze and RMS Living Luminizer. Check out my review of these here

Brow Pencil: Honest Beauty Brow Pencil 

Brow Wax: Eco Brow

Eyeliner Pencil: Honest Beauty Brow Filler

Mascara: Lily Lolo Mascara 

Eyeshadow Palette: Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Trio 

Single Pressed Shadows: Root Pretty Eyeshadows 

Lipstick: Nudus Lipsticks. See swatches here

New Beauty Brand (to me): Nu Evolution Cosmetics

Beauty Box Subscription: Teri Miyahira Beauty 

New Beauty Launch: Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Line 

New Way To Transition To Clean Beauty: Clean Beauty Academy 



Cleanser: Aleavia Cleanser 

Lip Balm: Henne Organics Lip Balm Tube 

Facial Oil: Ko & Humble Passion Fruit Seed Oil 

Facial Serum: Kypris Antioxidant Dew 

Treatment: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive 


The Best...

Bug Repellent: Badger Anti-Bug Balm Stick 

Deodorant (Baking Soda Free): Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Grapefruit Deodorant 

Deodorant (Baking Soda): Green Tidings Lavender Deodorant 

Body Lotion: Flourish Honey Blossom Lotion 

Hair Styling Product: Josh Rosebrook LIFT. See my full hair care routine here



Collagen Product: Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides 

Protein Powder: Vital Proteins Cocoa Coconut Protein Powder 

Protein Bar: Rx Bars

ShopLNL: Detox & Chill Tank Top and The Drinks Market Bag

Fitness: barre3 Online Subscription 


Looking for a specific section? Check the timestamps below for sections. 

Face 1:12-4:18
Cheeks 4:19-6:13
Brows / Eyes: 6:14-9:52
Lips 9:53-10:35
Best Brand, Best Box, Best Beauty Launch: 10:36-12:29
Skin Care 12:30-15:12
Body Care 15:13-16:14
Hair 16:15-16:28
Lifestyle 16:29-20:30

Or check out my favorites from 2015. 

I have Chronic Illness…and I’m Thriving. Here are my 5 Tips.

I spent years feeling awful before being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease & Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. I had migraines for nearly a decade (going on 15 years now), severe fatigue and more. Feeling so sick for so long took a serious toll on my psyche. 


My thought life was a war zone and looked a little something like this:  


"Why me?"

 "What if I never feel better?"

 "My body hates me"

"I'll never feel normal."

 "I'm miserable."

 "I feel like I'm going to pass out."

"There is no way I can make it through the work day again."

 "I hate always being in severe pain."


If you are one of the nearly 50% of Americans who suffer from a chronic health problem, I'm guessing you can relate. Maybe you've even experienced similar thoughts. 


If you're reading this you have gotten the diagnosis, you've read every book and internet article on your condition, you've changed your diet, and you most likely have a big old binder full of treatment protocols, lab results and other things.  

You've learned who to share your struggles with, and who not to. You've learned the difference between tolerable misery and intolerable agony. You take your pills, supplements, get adequate rest...but something's missing. You're surviving, but you want to thrive. 


I know, because I've been there, too. 


I’ve suffered from Chronic Migraines, Chemical Sensitivities, Hypothyroidism, Chronic Lyme Disease, and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (often referred to as Mold Illness or Environmental Illness) for years. When I was at my sickest, I turned to the internet for support.


It was the internet that brought me my first glimmer of hope in the form of women like Kris Carr and Jess Ainscough. These women had horrible diseases, but were living their lives to the fullest, within their boundaries. Inspired by these women, I began the upward battle of learning to thrive.


It didn’t happen overnight, but eventually I realized I was enjoying my life again. I still have bad days, of course, and can find myself thinking negative thoughts, but I have learned some valuable tips along the way. 


Listen to your body

Learn yourself inside and out so that when your body tells you to rest- do it! When it's telling you to get the hell out of that moldy boutique - you need to run, don't go try on that dress you're eyeing. When it's tell you it's uncomfortable, but in your heart you know it's your emotions or fear holding you back and not your illness - push through it. Listen so that you know when it's time to worry and when it's time to suck it up. 



Figure out what and how much you want to share about your illness...and with whom. I'm sure you've told someone about your illness who was less than supportive, perhaps even disbelieving. Hone in on your support system. It's perfectly fine if your support system is online. I have made truly beautiful, supportive, real friendships via Instagram and Youtube! 



Get back into activities that you used to enjoy. Or find new ones! Don't let your illness be all consuming. I know it's really easy to give in to this, but don't do it. Buy some flowers, try a new recipe or daydream about a vacation. Write down a list of 10 things that make you happy. Keep it where you can remind yourself of those things when the going is rough. 



If you are well enough to move your body, do it. Even if it's just stretching. Exercise stimulates your lymphatic system, a key component of your immune system, and also releases endorphins. Endorphins are not overrated! Exercise might even relieve some pain, too. 



Pay attention to your self talk. What do you tell yourself? If it's more often than not something that goes like "why me" or "my body sucks" or "I can't do this", it's time for a self-talk revamp.

I didn't realize just how negative my self talk was until my acupuncturist recommended that I spend 10 minutes a day meditating with the mantra of "my body is healing". After a few days of this, whenever I noticed my negative thought pattern, I would interrupt the thoughts with that mantra. Sometimes I get really specific and think "I feel grounded" when I'm feeling off-balance, which is a common symptom for me. Another favorite mantra is "I am worthy of vibrant health". 

I know this sounds a little woo-woo to some of you, but I promise if you give it a whirl for a few weeks you will notice a difference. It wasn't until I made this change in my thought patterns that I started noticing physical improvements, as well! 

While chronic illness isn't always a walk in the park, it can be a catalyst to positive change. There's no better time to be true to yourself. You deserve to thrive, not just survive! 




The Green Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

For the beauty addict...

1. Henne Organics Lip Collection. This lip balm and exfoliation set is sublime. The Henne Organics lip balm in the pot stole my heart last winter (and saved my lips!), but to see them come out with the same balm in a tube is pure magic. The set includes the cult classic balm in a pot, a tube and also their new Rose Diamonds lip exfoliator. Each of these items is also available for purchase separately, and the tube is gender neutral enough you could even get away with gifting is as a stocking stuff for your man. 

2. Juice Beauty Phyto Lip Trio. As long as we're talking about lips, let's add some color! When I saw this holiday gift set on Juice Beauty's website, I literally screamed. I may have purchased it as a gift...but I ended up keeping it for myself. 

3. RMS Living Luminizer. This coveted cream highlight has graced the skin of Victoria's Secret models and looks amazing on everyone. It's the perfect glow from within. 

4. Antonym Noisette Eyeshadow Quad. This luxurious eyeshadow palette is perfect for an every day look and also has a gorgeous gold shade for a more dramatic evening look. The packaging is swoon-worthy and the ingredients are fantastic. 

5. Furless Cosmetic Brushes. Every beauty addict can use a few more brushes. Furless' brushes are cruelty free and high performance. Grab a set or just one. 

For the wonder woman, the mom, the selfless servant - anyone who needs pampering!

1. 100% Pure Body Scrub. This is the most luxurious body scrub on the planet! Coconut is my go-to flavor. 

2. Flourish Honey Blossom + Marshmallow Root Body Lotion. This lotion not only comes in a frosted glass bottle, but smells like actual heaven. 

3. Treat Collection Nail Polish. Who doesn't love a manicure? These Nail Polishes are free of common nasties and have a huge shade range. 

4. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive. This treatment is the ultimate, it's my number one. Nothing makes my skin look as fresh or radiant! 

5. Acure Dry Body Oil Spray. This body oil is not only affordable, but it isn't greasy and feels amazing on the skin. It comes in three scents - Citrus Ginger, Coconut and Rose. 

For the homebody...

1. Woodlot Candle. Most women love candles, but sadly most candles are full of toxins. Woodlot candles are free of synthetic fragrance and are made with a clean burning wick and coconut wax. It's the cleanest candle out there with the chicest packaging. 

2. Thao Tea. Thao tea's are organic, loose-leaf and full of fun flavors! You cannot go wrong with the Guava Ginger White Tea. 

3. Graymarket Design Toiletry Bag.  These toiletry bags are ethically produced, come in fun patterns, and are large enough to accommodate any green beauty addict's makeup collection for travel. 

4. ShopLNL DRINKS Market Bag.  My favorite reusable tote bag is perfect for grocery shopping, the farmer's market or even a book bag. It's sturdy, fits all the things and makes your love of green juice super clear. A note on shipping, all orders must be placed by Dec. 8th to ensure delivery before Christmas. 

5. Essential Oil Diffuser. Every homebody needs at least one essential oil diffuser, why not give the gift of a cute one? 

For the wellness junkie...

1. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides or Collagen Whey Protein. These collagen and whey protein products are unbeatable. They are made with organic, grass-fed collagen and whey and have a ton of protein. The peptides stir effortlessly into any food or liquid without changing the taste or texture. The protein power contains both whey and collagen, tastes amazing and uses whey concentrate, not isolate which is far easier to digest. 

2. barre3 online subscription. barre3 is the ultimate for me when it comes to fitness. I've never enjoyed a program so much, felt so empowered or seen physical changes in my body like I have with barre3. In person classes are available across the country, but I particularly love the online subscription - it's so convenient and all the instructors make the workouts fun! 

3. Propolis Diffuser. These are the newest health inventions on my radar. I don't own one yet, but it is definitely on my list. These machines diffuse propolis (a compound created by bees) into the air, which cleans the air much like an air purifier. While they do not absorb chemicals like a carbon filter would, the propolis compounds have been known to eliminate mold, bacteria, viruses and more. 

4. Vitamix Blender. The ultimate for green smoothie making! 

5. S'well Water Bottle. Because who doesn't want the fanciest water bottle ever made? 

1. Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils.  Everyone can use an essential oil or two. For someone new to oils, stick with something that everyone enjoys like lemon and include a little card with ways to use it. My favorite oil is Frankincense and most people wouldn't buy it for themselves. Mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite place to buy oils because they're high quality, organic and affordable. Check! 

2. Zoe Organics Breathe Balm. This stick balm is great for colds and congestion. It's technically formulated for kiddos, but there's no reason adults can't use it, too. 

3. Rx Bars. These are my absolute favorite protein bars. They have very few ingredients and are high quality. Nothing artificial and no filler ingredients, many flavors! I love the Maple Sea salt.

4. Justin's Peanut Butter Cups. Because, chocolate. 

5. Hurraw! Lip Balm. These lip balms come in a ton of flavors and are great for both men and women. 

Top 5 Natural & Organic Lipsticks For Fall & Winter

It's no secret that lipstick is my favorite type of makeup and the easiest way to quickly transform your look. Here are my top all natural lipstick choices for fall and winter - most are also organic and free of FD&C dyes! For further description, review and swatches - please see the video below. 

Axiology Worth is a great deeper orangey-red. It's free of FD&C dyes and is also made with organic ingredients. 

Nu Evolution Sultry is a lovely berry - wine shade that looks great full strength or blotted down. This is also make with all natural and organic ingredients and free of FD&C dyes. 

Honest Beauty Mulberry Kiss is a purple-y, more cool toned deep berry shade. It goes on very silky, but looks nearly matte. This is made with natural ingredients, but does contain some dyes. 

Zuzu Luxe Lip Liner Port is the perfect choice if you want a true matte on your lips, but one that is still comfortable. This is not only made with all natural ingredients, but is free of FD&C dyes and it also very affordable. 

Nudus Dirty Diana is the deepest shade of the bunch and is the perfect dark, vampy fall shade. Nudus lipstick shades are created using ancient Ayurvedic formulas, organic ingredients and are also free of FD&C dyes. 

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