Young Living Essential Oil Collection

My Young Living Essential Oil Collection In A Nutshell....

1. The Raindrop Technique Kit which includes Cypress, Basil, Marjoram, Oregano, Valor, Wintergreen AromaSeiz, Thyme. This kit is supposed to help draw out viruses, and other microbes hiding along the spine.

2. Endoflex. Unfortunately, this oil gives me a headache, but it is great for hormone balance.

3. Lime & Grapefruit. My must haves for diffusing! These two oils make my home smell like vacation.

4. Frankincense. My love for frankincense has been well documented. It is the kind of oils, the original medicine and it was good enough for Baby Jesus. Mixed with other oils, it intensifies the effect of the other oils. I especially like to use this for vertigo and grounding.

5. Lemon. Another favorite to diffuse. Fantastic for cleaning. Delicious in water.

6. Peppermint. I never want to run out of peppermint! It has increased my quality of life by decreasing my pain so effectively.

7. Lavender. While I don't love floral scents, I find lavender an essential part of my night time routine.

8. Thieves. If you're going to start a Young Living Collection, thieves is essential. Known to be so powerful for the immune system, legend has it that thieves would rob the graves of those who died from the Bubonic plague and didn't get sick when wearing this blend.

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