5 Healthy Everyday Essentials

A girl's got to have her healthy essentials...amiright? It was so hard to narrow down my healthy everyday essentials to just five. I tried to keep these items on the affordable and accessible side for you, but will do a separate post on bigger ticket items.

1. Vitamix. Ok, I know that I said I was keeping these affordable. This is the exception. There are more affordable blenders that work very, very well. However, I don't think there's a comparison to the Vitamix when it comes to liquifying veggies or making nice cream. I need my green smoothies in the morning.

2. Glass Pyrex with cut veggies. Placing bowls of cut veggies at eye level in the refrigerator makes me so much more apt to eat them through the day. Also, they're ready to go in the mornings to throw in my smoothie and also in my lunch bag.

3. Earthing Mat. This is a new addition to my life, but I've noticed a huge difference when I use this when working on the computer for extended periods of time. I don't get as frustrated or stressed out and feel really calm. 

4. Chlorine Shower Filter. Your hair and skin will be thrilled if you add this to your shower! Also, no one wants to breathe in or absorb chlorine unnecessarily in the shower. 

5. Windows. Look, it's something you already own! Unless you live in a dungeon. Open those windows everyday for a fresh air infusion.