I tried 15 mineral sunscreens for the are the best.


I confess, I haven't been a religious user of facial SPF in the past. Most formulas that I tried were heavy, chalky, left a white cast or made my makeup look bad, or my skin look strangely pink. 

This year I was determined to find a non-toxic, mineral facial SPF that I actually enjoyed wearing. To my surprise I found not only one...I found several great options! I am sharing all of the ones I tried, because while they did not all work for me, they might be your perfect fit. 

There are a number of reasons why you might want to choose a mineral sunscreen over a chemical sunscreen. Whether you have sensitive skin, you are avoiding oxybenzone or octinoxate, or you want a reef friendly option I have got you covered. 

Why choose zinc oxide as your active sunblock ingredient? Zinc oxide is broad spectrum - meaning that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. It is usually not irritating on the skin and is non-toxic. It is preferable to choose a product that is using a non-nano form of zinc oxide. 

Keep in mind, my skin is normal but influenced by the weather. We have very humid weather most of the summer. My skin is light to medium with warm undertones.  Keep in mind I am extremely sensitive to even the most natural of fragrances, so that is always a consideration of mine that may not apply to your tastes. 

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the important of just 15-20 minutes of sun exposure daily without sunscreen. Just this little amount of sun on exposed arms and legs is enough for the body to create Vitamin D, which is so necessary for optimal immune and hormone function. 

In this video, I'm sharing in depth why I loved my top 6 choices, scroll down to see all 15!


Tinted Sunscreens That I Loved

Beautycounter Dew Skin

Price: $45

SPF: 20, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 14% (not listed on beautycounter's website, but I found this statistic elsewhere). 

Shade Range: 5 shades. I wear Shade 3. 

What I loved: This is the true definition of a tinted moisturizer - sheer to light coverage that just evens out skin tone. It leaves your skin looking radiant. It can be worn alone or is light enough to support makeup over top if you want more coverage. No white cast. Not chalky. 

What I didn't love: Perhaps a tinge too dewy for my summer weather. I'm not in love with the scent. While scented naturally, it does linger on the face for several hours. It's not strong, but smells mostly sweet with a hint of herbs. 

Marie Veronique Everyday Coverage Tinted Sunscreen

Price: $48

SPF: 30, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 20%

Shade Range: 3 shades. My shade medium is the darkest. 

What I loved: If you've been googling "Meghan Markle Makeup That Shows Freckles", this is for you. It has the most unique texture and I am obsessed with it. It feels and applies like a cooling, watery serum. It can be worn alone for a light to medium coverage look, or is light enough to support a little makeup over top. This feels like skincare, but looks like a sheer to light foundation.  No white cast. Not chalky. 

What I didn't love: The scent. It is naturally scented and at first whiff, quite strong, but isn't detectable for long on the skin. The scent to me smells of vitamins and robatussin. While I do think those of you with skin tones darker than mine can still wear the shade medium, I would love to see a darker shade added to the range. 

W3LL People Bio Tint

Price: $28.99

SPF: 30, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 20%

Shade Range: 4 shades. I wear Light. 

What I loved: Affordable. Accessible, as it is in several Target stores across the US. This is a solid medium coverage, no need to wear additional foundation on top of it. No white cast. It's unscented! 

What I didn't love: The formula is a tad thick for my taste, so I thin it with a drop of primer or facial oil typically. Limited shades for darker skin. 


**Summary of my favorite tinted options:

Go with the Dew Skin for sheer to light coverage, Marie Veronique for light to medium coverage and W3LL People for medium to near full coverage.

Choose W3LL People if you don't want any aroma coming from your product. 

In terms of the feel of the formula on the skin - choose Marie Veronique for the lightest texture and satin sensation, Dew Skin for a medium texture and dewy sensation, and W3LL People for a thicker texture and more matte finish. 

Untinted Sunscreens That I Loved

Pratima Neem Rose Face Sunscreen

Price: $36

SPF: 30, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 18.65%

Shade Range: 1 shade - untinted. 

What I loved:  No white cast. Not chalky. Applies like a standard facial moisturizer and leaves a dewy finish. I also love the price point and that Pratima offers a sample pack for $7 of three products of your choice. That $7 can be applied towards your future purchase, too.  I love the the formula is unscented. 

What I didn't love:  The formula is a tad dewy for my skin in the humidity, otherwise I would have definitely purchased a full size for summer. If you have drier skin or live in a drier climate I would 100% recommend this one for you. 

Ursa Major Force Field Daily Defense Lotion

Price: $54

SPF: 18, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 10%

Shade Range: 1 shade - untinted. 

What I loved:  This applies like if a standard facial moisturizer and a matte primer had a baby. It dries matte, but doesn't leave you feeling tight. It is also not chalky and leaves the perfect texture to apply makeup or to wear alone. I also love that it is unscented and comes in unisex packaging, so that I can even convince my husband to wear it. No white cast. 

What I didn't love: Could be a tad higher SPF. 



***Summary of my favorite un-tinted options:

Choose Pratima if you have dry to normal skin and / or live in a dry climate. Choose Ursa Major if you have normal to oily skin and / or live in a humid climate. 

SeriouslyFab Zinc It Over

Price: $39

SPF: 25, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 5%

Shade Range: 1 shade - untinted. 

What I loved:  This product is so unique - a makeup setting spray with SPF! No white cast when sprayed the proper distance away.  Comes in two scented - unscented and tropical floral. 

What I didn't love: Nothing! It's not an everyday product for me, but the uniqueness is astounding. 

Tinted Primers

Coola Unscented Matte Tint Mineral Sunscreen

Price: $36

SPF: 30, Titanium Dioxide - 3.2%, Zinc Oxide - 1.8%. It's unclear if the zinc is non-nano from the packaging and website. 

Shade Range: 1 shade. 

What I loved:  This has a mousse like texture, that applies very nicely. While there is only one shade, I think it would work on most skin tones - except extremely fair skin tones. This acts in my opinion as a primer that just is tinted to avoid a white cast - it doesn't provide any coverage or skin evening in my opinion. It is unscented, which I love. If you are someone who enjoys using a silicone product, you will like this. 

What I didn't love: So. Many. Silicones. I haven't used many silicones on my skin in over 7 years, so feeling silicones on my face felt absolutely bizarre. The percentage of zinc oxide is much lower than the rest of the formulas that I tried. 

MDSolarScience Mineral Tinted Creme

Price: $32

SPF: 30, Titanium Dioxide 2%, Zinc Oxide 17%. It's unclear if this product is non-nano. 

Shade Range: 1 shade. 

What I loved:  This has a liquid-y texture, which I prefer to a thick texture. While there is only one shade, I think it would work on most skin tones - except extremely fair skin tones. This acts in my opinion as a primer that just is tinted to avoid a white cast - it doesn't provide any coverage or skin texture evening in my opinion. It is unscented, which I love. If you are someone who enjoys using a silicone product, you will like this.  This one is nearly identical to the Coola product reviewed above, but it is just a little less silicone-y.

What I didn't love: I wish there was just a teensy bit more coverage to this so that it could be worn on its own. 

Tinted Sunscreens that I didn't love on my face, but you might. 

Badger Tinted Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cream

Price: $15.99

SPF: 30, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 18.65%.

Shade Range: 1 shade. 

What I loved:  A very simple ingredient list.  The price point. This is great for using on the body while at the pool or beach, but I did not love it on my face. 

What I didn't love: A pinkish white cast,  but not a true white cast. A tad thick, heavy and tacky for my face. I do use this on my body. 

Beauty By Earth Tinted Facial Sunscreen

Price: $19.99

SPF: 20, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 11%. 

Shade Range: 1 shade. 

What I loved:  This has a thinner liquid texture and spread nicely. It does provide light coverage. It's easy to purchase from Amazon. 

What I didn't love: It's too strongly scented (naturally) for my taste. 

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream

Price: $39

SPF: 30, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 20%. 

Shade Range: 5 shades. My shade is Warm Glow. 

What I loved:  This product is a true CC cream, with the texture to prove it. This offers absolutely insanely good coverage. This product has the highest coverage of all the products in this review, in my opinion. 

What I didn't love: The scent. While scented naturally, this is too strong and herbal for my taste. 

Raw Elements Tint Formula

Price: $18.99

SPF: 30, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 23%. 

Shade Range: 1 shade. 

What I loved: I love that while this tinted product is just one shade, it is a darker shade. There are so few natural products that cater to darker skin. I don't think many people with much lighter skin than mine could pull this off on the face. If you have medium skin, give this a try! I also adore the simple, short ingredient list and that it is unscented. 

What I didn't love:  The shade and texture just doesn't quite work for me on my face,  but that being said, I absolutely love this formula and am using this on my body while out enjoying water activities. 

Note: Raw Elements released a daily moisturizer with SPF shortly after I ordered this which may be of consideration for a daily facial SPF product. 

Untinted Sunscreens that I didn't love on my face, but you might. 

Kypris Pot Of Shade

Price: $68

SPF: 30, Non-nano Zinc Oxide 20%. 

Shade Range: 1 shade - untinted. 

What I loved:  If you're in the market for an untinted primer to use under makeup that has extremely clean ingredients, this is it. The scent is a tad vitamin-y. Goes on clear with no white cast on my skin tone. The texture is almost putty like. 

What I didn't love: The price. For $68, it needs to blow my mind. It also felt a tad tacky and itchy on my skin. 

*These clamshell samples were purchased using The Detox Market Sample Program. Highly recommend!*

Suntegrity face sunscreen & primer

Price: $45

SPF: 30, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 20%.

Shade Range: 1 shade - untinted. 

What I loved:  Suntegrity offers sample tubes of this product for $4.95 so you can try before you buy. I cannot speak to the performance because the scent of this nearly had me keeling over.  If you like the regular Suntegrity formula and wanted to try their primer, this may be a good option for you. 

What I didn't love: The scent is overpowering for me. It smells a bit like Pantene in my opinion. 

Suntegrity 5 in 1 Moisturizing Sunscreen

Price: $45

SPF: 30, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 20%. 

Shade Range: 4 shades. My shade is Golden Light. 

What I loved:  This product is a standard facial moisturizer texture. It is tinted, but in my opinion, does not offer coverage. It is dewy and does not feel chalky. No white cast. 

What I didn't love: I would like to see a little more coverage from this product. While this one is unscented, after 4-5 hours of wear time it smells like sunscreen on my face. 

5 Best Products From W3LL PEOPLE


W3LL People is one of my favorite all natural, non-toxic beauty brands. They have such a great range of products, affordable price points AND here's the real kicker...they're sold in TARGET! (Cue stadium cheers).

I'm sharing my five favorite products from W3LL PEOPLE in today's video. This is the first in my new Best Of series. What brand would you like me to feature next? 

Products Mentioned:

Bio Tint Moisturizer
Bio Correct Concealer
Bio Bronzer Stick
Bio Brightener Stick
Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner

To learn more about how I choose products based on the quality of ingredients, click here. 

Non-Toxic Spring Makeup Look


I'm sharing my favorite spring look with you today - complete with PINK lips, of course. I think every spring makeup look I've ever done has featured a pink lipstick. I've also returned to a super easy eyeshadow technique that helps the eye look more open and awake. AKA - a mom's best friend. As always, all products used are non-toxic and all natural, most are organic. If you want to know more about my standard for choosing ingredients, read my manifesto here. 

This video is also a collaboration with Ailish, from The Glow Getter. Make sure to check out her video and her offerings. She's a UK based green beauty blogger, makeup artist and an all around ray of sunshine human being. 



*Setting Powder: Limited Ed. Similar here:
*Blush: Limited Ed. Similar:
Brows: discontinued? 
*Teri Miyahira Renew Eyshadow limited ed. Similar
Root Eyeshadow (Duke)
RAL Eyeshadow (Yes You Canyon & Espresso)
Antonym Palette:
Hynt Mascara:
Lily Lolo Mascara:
Lipstick (Melon Kiss):


Join the waitlist for Welling Your Dwelling here. 

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My Organic Skin Care Routine


Today I'm sharing all of my favorite organic skin care products! These are the products I have either repurchased several times or are new to me and I am just loving. 


Speaking of organic skincare...have you detoxed your own beauty bag? Check out my tips here! 


Links to products are below the video. 



Everyday Cleanser:

Oil Cleanser:

Facial Wipes:

Makeup Remover:

*Luxury Toner:

Orange Toner:

Hylauronic Acid Serum:

Blue Tansy Serum:

Maracuja Oil:

Rosehip Oil:

Facial Peel:

*Pregnancy / BF Safe Facial Peel:

Facial Scrub:


My Everyday Makeup Routine




Ask you you shall receive! You asked for more makeup videos and here you go. This is probably the longest I've gone with the same makeup routine. It's so easy, so fast and never disappoints. 

You'll see that I'm using several products I haven't shown before, but talk about a lot, including the Bamboo Blur Tinted Moisturizer and the Brow Builder from 100% Pure. 

Products Used:

100% Pure Bamboo Blur Tinted Moisturizer

*W3LL People Bio Correct Concealer

*W3LL People Altruist Foundation Powder

ZuZu Luxe Foundation Powder

*Teri Miyahira Bronzer

*Antonym Blush Peach

*Maya Chia Highlight of The Day After Hours

100% Pure Brow Builder

Antonym Brown Eyeliner

Root Pretty Truffle Eyeshadow

Hynt Beauty Mascara

Lily Lolo Mascara

*Henne Tinted Lip Balm Azalea

Non - Toxic Brow Pomade Show Down (Ecobrow vs. Hynt Brow Definer)

I search for comparison videos all the time before buying products, but I never think to make them myself. This is only my second one! I figured since I own so many non-toxic brow products, I should do a video on the wax / pomade style options. 

The two hottest contenders these days are the Hynt Beauty Brow Definer and Ecobrow. 

I'll let you see for yourself in the comparison and demo which suits you better. 

One Brand Tutorial : Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo Mascara has been my Ride or Die, #1 mascara for years. It's hands down the best mascara (in my humble opinion) in green beauty. It's volumizing, it doesn't flake, it's just amazing. Yet, I'd never tried anything else from the brand. I partnered with The Choosy Chick to bring you an almost full face of nearly all first impressions. 

I know you want to know all about the eyelid primer. It does not disappoint! It really does help shadows go on smoothly and true to color. It also increases the longevity of your eye looks and it does not crease - even on my super hooded lids. Definitely a win. 

I'm also using the Pedal To The Metal Palette - um, hello 8 non-toxic eyeshadows with a beautiful mix of mattes and shimmers for under $40. If you're a matte eyeshadow lover like me, you know that matte eyeshadows in a palette are super hard to come by in the green beauty space. The Sculpt and Glow Contour Duo is really great if you're not into a real contour, but a light sculpt. It's not at all intimidating to use and gives a very natural look. 

Pssst. If you spend $50 on Lily Lolo products at The Choosy Chick, you can get the Free Eyeliner ($16 value) while stock lasts.  Code:  LOVELINER. 

W3LL PEOPLE Bio Tint Multi-Action Face Moisturizer Review & Demo

Hallelujah! A new green beauty tinted moisturizer has hit the market and dare I say, it has wowed me. I've worn it A. by itself, B. mixed with a drop of facial oil and C. mixed with a couple drops of Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation. 

The Bio Tint Multi-Action Face Moisturizer from W3LL People has more coverage than your average tinted moisturizer, but isn't heavy at all. It is still quite light in terms of coverage. It won't mask dark circles or large blemishes, but it will even skin tone overall. The star of the show is the same as the star ingredient in my beloved Gressa foundation - broccoli seed oil! W3LL People describes the finish as satin, and I would have to agree. It's neither dewy nor matte, but it does have a nice luminosity. 

The shade Light is perfect for light skin with a warm undertone. If you have a cooler undertone, this will be too warm for you and I would suggest purchasing the shade Fair. Considering I'm one of the few who feel like no light foundations are warm enough for me, I am ecstatic about the undertone!

The ingredients are really wonderful, there is nothing that raises a red flag for me there. I also really love that this contains SPF 30, using zinc. No need for toxic chemical sunscreen ingredients here! I actually don't own any foundations or tinted moisturizers anymore that contain sun protection, so I really am grateful to have this product. 

The coverage that this provides is perfect for a light, on the go look for me, as I generally gravitate towards a medium coverage. If I want my skin to look a tad more flawless, I have been just topping with the W3LL People powder foundation to set it and provide a tad more coverage or mixing it with a drop or two of Gressa

The other thing that I adore is the price. Seriously, over an ounce for a clean foundation / tinted moisturizer product with SPF for under $30? Unheard of! Since filming this video, W3LL People has launched this product and several others in 200 Target stores in the US! 

Make sure to watch the video below for more in depth information and to see a demo of me applying it! 

4 Reasons Why You Need To Understand Beauty Ingredients

By now you've heard me preach about different ingredients and which ones I avoid. I feel really strongly that understanding a beauty ingredient label is a serious life skill that every woman should know how to do. Why? 

1. You'll never have to wonder again (or have to ask) if a product is clean or safe to use. 

2. You won't have to rely on someone else's word or a score on an app. 

3. You'll never be duped by marketing buzzwords again. 

4. You'll feel freakin' empowered and be the authority on beauty in your circle of friends. 

To hear more about these reasons, and the solution that I have for you, make sure to watch the video below. 


Now through Saturday, January 14th you can snag a video call with me in addition to your Clean Beauty Academy enrollment. Check out all the details on Clean Beauty Academy and this special offer right here. 

The Best of 2016 Awards! Non-Toxic Beauty & Lifestyle Products

THE BEST OF 2016 AWARDS ARE HERE! I've got natural beauty, skin care, hair care, body care and lifestyle products that I loved during 2016 to share with you. And some new awards, too! Grab a snack, because this is a long one!  Without further ado, the awards! Be sure to check out the full length video below for details on each product. 


The BEST...

Liquid Foundation: Gressa Serum Minimalist Foundation. See my review or the other liquid foundations that I enjoyed this year. 

Cream Foundation: Honest Beauty Cream Foundation. See my comparison of all the cream foundations that I enjoyed this year. 

Translucent Setting Powder: W3LL People Bio-Brightener Powder

Tinted Setting Powder / Powder Foundation: Zuzu Luxe Pressed Powder Foundation 

Full Coverage Concealer: W3LL People Bio-Correct Concealer

Lightweight Concealer: Nu Evolution Camouflage Cream

Primer: Hynt Beauty Skin Prep Primer 

Blush: Honest Beauty Cream Blush Truly Exciting 

Contour & Highlight Combo: RMS Contour Bronze and RMS Living Luminizer. Check out my review of these here

Brow Pencil: Honest Beauty Brow Pencil 

Brow Wax: Eco Brow

Eyeliner Pencil: Honest Beauty Brow Filler

Mascara: Lily Lolo Mascara 

Eyeshadow Palette: Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Trio 

Single Pressed Shadows: Root Pretty Eyeshadows 

Lipstick: Nudus Lipsticks. See swatches here

New Beauty Brand (to me): Nu Evolution Cosmetics

Beauty Box Subscription: Teri Miyahira Beauty 

New Beauty Launch: Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Line 

New Way To Transition To Clean Beauty: Clean Beauty Academy 



Cleanser: Aleavia Cleanser 

Lip Balm: Henne Organics Lip Balm Tube 

Facial Oil: Ko & Humble Passion Fruit Seed Oil 

Facial Serum: Kypris Antioxidant Dew 

Treatment: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive 


The Best...

Bug Repellent: Badger Anti-Bug Balm Stick 

Deodorant (Baking Soda Free): Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Grapefruit Deodorant 

Deodorant (Baking Soda): Green Tidings Lavender Deodorant 

Body Lotion: Flourish Honey Blossom Lotion 

Hair Styling Product: Josh Rosebrook LIFT. See my full hair care routine here



Collagen Product: Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides 

Protein Powder: Vital Proteins Cocoa Coconut Protein Powder 

Protein Bar: Rx Bars

ShopLNL: Detox & Chill Tank Top and The Drinks Market Bag

Fitness: barre3 Online Subscription 


Looking for a specific section? Check the timestamps below for sections. 

Face 1:12-4:18
Cheeks 4:19-6:13
Brows / Eyes: 6:14-9:52
Lips 9:53-10:35
Best Brand, Best Box, Best Beauty Launch: 10:36-12:29
Skin Care 12:30-15:12
Body Care 15:13-16:14
Hair 16:15-16:28
Lifestyle 16:29-20:30

Or check out my favorites from 2015. 

Top 5 Natural & Organic Lipsticks For Fall & Winter

It's no secret that lipstick is my favorite type of makeup and the easiest way to quickly transform your look. Here are my top all natural lipstick choices for fall and winter - most are also organic and free of FD&C dyes! For further description, review and swatches - please see the video below. 

Axiology Worth is a great deeper orangey-red. It's free of FD&C dyes and is also made with organic ingredients. 

Nu Evolution Sultry is a lovely berry - wine shade that looks great full strength or blotted down. This is also make with all natural and organic ingredients and free of FD&C dyes. 

Honest Beauty Mulberry Kiss is a purple-y, more cool toned deep berry shade. It goes on very silky, but looks nearly matte. This is made with natural ingredients, but does contain some dyes. 

Zuzu Luxe Lip Liner Port is the perfect choice if you want a true matte on your lips, but one that is still comfortable. This is not only made with all natural ingredients, but is free of FD&C dyes and it also very affordable. 

Nudus Dirty Diana is the deepest shade of the bunch and is the perfect dark, vampy fall shade. Nudus lipstick shades are created using ancient Ayurvedic formulas, organic ingredients and are also free of FD&C dyes. 

If you'd like more information on how to know which ingredients are clean and which to avoid, follow these options:

1. For beginners, click here

2. For a free mini-course about Clean Beauty, click here.

3. For advanced beauties and those who'd like to learn it all in one go, click here. 

4. For a candid chat about green beauty purism, click here. 

5 Green Beauty Gift Ideas - $15 and under!

Christmas gifts are one of my absolute favorite things to buy, but they don't always have to break the bank! I've partnered with The Choosy Chick to bring you five green beauty gift ideas that weigh in at $15 and under. 

1. Farm to Girl Giggle Fest Sponge

2. Hollybeth Organics Peppermint Orange Lip Balm

3. Indie Girl Hair Ties

4. Kosmetology Hand Sanitizer

5. Solavedi Hand Cream 

The Choosy Chick is one of my all-time favorite green boutiques (as you probably know), because they carry amazing products for the whole family at a variety of price points! They also happen to be having an amazing Black Friday weekend sale. Use the code SAVE15 to snag 15% of your order. Some exclusions may apply. 

We're also giving away one of my FAVORITE organic lipsticks! Open the video in youtube to enter to win a Nudus lipstick in the shade of your choice from The Choosy Chick. 

*This video is sponsored by The Choosy Chick. All opinions & ideas are my own. 

The Best Organic Liquid Foundations

Years ago, when I first transitioned to green beauty, the liquid foundations I tried were awful. I'm guessing you can relate. They were sticky, or thick and goopy. Sometimes they were like rubbing grease on my skin and other times they clung to dry patches.

I didn't know about all the retailers and brands that I do now, but I also believe that liquid foundations have come a long way since I first started trying to find a non-toxic one.  

I've tried just about every green foundation and these are the three are the best of the best. All three of them are made with only natural ingredients and many of the ingredients are also organic. They perform so well, they feel amazing on the skin and the ingredients cannot be beat. 

Let's compare. 

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation

Formulated by Gwenyth Paltrow and Juice Beauty to provide a flawless coverage.  It is vegan & Cruelty Free and there are 10 shades. 

Consistency - Thin liquid that is dispensed via a pump.

Coverage - A generous medium with one thin layer, full coverage with two layers. 

Finish- lumious and dewey.

Scent - None.

Price $42 / 1oz. 

Ingredient Score: A+ (none of concern for me, plus organic!).

Cons: No sun protection, two layers (really, really full coverage) can look like you are wearing makeup. 

Pros: The ingredients are fantastic, the coverage is fantastic. It is one of the only foundations that does not settle in my deep forehead lines. Can be conveniently found in many Ulta stores! No need for online shopping...unless you prefer it that way. 

The Bottom Line: I think this foundation is a smash hit if you have normal to dry skin. If you have normal to oily skin, this may too luminious after a few hours. This works well for me in cold, dry winter months, but is too dewey for me in the summer.  You can see my in depth review and demo here. 



Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation

Organic serum foundation, skin care and makeup in one. Formulated for the product minimalist and the line contains 11 shades.


Consistency - Thin serum dispensed via a dropper.

Coverage - Sheer to nearly full.

Finish - Skin like (really, it melts into your skin!) to matte (not dewey).

Scent - Slight, slight slight clay-like scent that is hardly noticeable. 

Price - $54 / 15ml.

Ingredient Score: A+ (none of concern, plus organic!).

Cons: No sun protection, the volume is fairly low for the price. The packaging isn't foolproof. I have spilled mine several times as a result of the dropper bottle. 

Pros: It literally makes you look like you have the most flawless, healthy skin imaginable. The foundation covers redness like no other product I've ever used. The broccoli seed oil gives it an almost silicone like texture. It only takes 3-6 drops of the liquid to cover the whole face. 

The Bottom Line: This is my favorite foundation, but I use it sparingly on its own due to the price. I LOVE mixing one drop of this with any other foundation to enhance the texture and redness coverage. You can see my in depth review and demo here. 



Nu Evolution Complete Coverage Foundation

Formulated with organic ingredients, this baby is pure pigment and loved by makeup artists. The range contains 8 shades.

Consistency - A little thick, dries quickly.

Coverage - Medium to Full.

Finish - Matte.

Scent - Very slight plastic scent when pumped out, but dissipates very quickly. I'm guessing this is from the packaging, not the product. 

Price - $47 for 1 oz.

Ingredients: A+ (none of concern, but organic!).

Cons: The texture is a little dry, so it is best to work in sections. No SPF.

PROS: Matte & Organic! It's so hard to find a matte foundation without harmful chemical ingredients. Wonderful coverage. One pump is all I need for my whole face. 

The Bottom Line: You can't beat this if you want an organic and matte foundation. You can see me apply this here. 

Are you thinking about trying a cream foundation instead? Check out my round-up of the best natural and organic cream foundations right here. 

Non-Toxic Fall Makeup Look

Fall is officially here, which means it's time to break out all the warm shades of makeup that you've been hoarding since last fall. Hooray for berries, wines, oranges, gold and bronzes! 

For this look, I wanted a balance between the eyes and the lips, rather than focusing just on one feature. I applied this shadow from Nu Evolution wet to achieve a glossy, metallic look and blotted this lipstick into a berry stain. 

What is your go-to fall makeup look? 

The Organic, Luxury Lipstick Your Makeup Bag Has Been Missing

There, I said it. You need Nudus Lipsticks in your life. They are worth the hype. 


You know how much I love a good lipstick. I want every lipstick to be comfortable to wear, organic, FD&C dye free, ultra pigmented and long lasting. Nudus is all these and many of the shades are nearly matte! Finding a matte lipstick that passes my ingredient standards is seriously tough. 


In addition to the amazing formula, Nudus also does a bang up job on the chic packaging. From the clean white square tube to the artsy naked woman, the design feels luxe. 


The formula is a blend of 27 active natural ingredients and the color formulas are rooted in ancient ayurvedic formulas. 


On to the fun stuff....the shades! Be sure to watch the video for hand and lip swatches. 


27 Kisses- A brownish - pink "your lips but better" shade. It looks good on just about everyone and is a go -to daytime, neutral color. 


Bitter Sweet - A warm orangey-red, but subdued. This isn't a bright, intimidating orange, but it is very classy and very wearable. It's a definite "Laura shade".


Dirty Diana - A deep wine shade that is literally the shade for fall. It is the perfect blend of red, purple and brown for the ultimate vampy look. 


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The Best Natural Cream Foundations

It's no secret that foundation is my favorite beauty product and that I am addicted to trying as many as I can. It seems only fair that I round up my favorites and let you know which ones you should definitely consider trying. 

Cream foundations are known for their incredible full coverage and flawless finish. The green beauty world certainly has no shortage of cream foundations to try. These four are my favorites. 


Consistency - Hard cream 

Coverage- Sheer to very, very full

Finish- Satin (skin like) to slightly dewy 

Price- $30 by itself, or $16.67 when bundled for .31 oz

Scent - Slightly fruity in the pan, but not noticeable on the skin

Shade Range - 8 shades

Ingredients- A- (none of concern, but not organic)


Cons: This can get a bit greasy in very humid climates. Can look cakey if applied very full coverage. 


Pros: Extremely affordable, Amazing coverage and ingredients. Also can be found at some Ulta stores, however, bundles only available online.  Gives a flawless coverage. 


My Two Cents:  This is my go - to product for a full coverage, flawless look. This applies best for me with a flat foundation brush. For the price, I think it would be silly not to try this one! 



KJAER WEIS cream foundation

Consistency - Really soft, almost mousse-like cream

Coverage - Light to full

Finish - Satin, skin like

Price - $68 for .26 oz in metal packaging, $40 for refill

Scent - Slight clay scent, not noticeable

Shade Range - 9 shades

Ingredients - A (talc may be of concern to some, but it is sourced from Europe. However, many of ingredients are organic!)


Cons: $68 is a big staggering! This can also tend to highlight texture or dry patches on the skin. 


Pros: Fantastic coverage with a flawless finish. This product really melts into the skin beautifully. It is also easy to find samples for purchase, so you can try before you buy. 


My Two Cents:  This looks absolutely amazing on the skin. However, it is a bit finicky and can highlight texture on the face. I also have gotten milia from using this product two days in a row. I love the look of this and I always feel a little like a supermodel, but my skin can't handle this as a daily foundation. You can see me apply this and the Honest Beauty Cream Foundation in a comparison right here. 


SILK NATURALS HD Cream Foundation Stick 

Consistency - Hard cream stick

Coverage - Medium to Full

Finish - Matte

Price - $11.99/ 12g 

Scent - None

Shade Range - 24 shades

Ingredients - A (none of concern, but not organic)


Cons: This formula can be really finicky, depending on how textured your skin is. If your skin doesn't have much texture and is quite smooth, you shouldn't have any trouble. 


Pros: The shade range is enormous! The price cannot be beat. Samples available on Silk Naturals website for $0.99 each. 


My Two Cents: This is a wonderful, affordable option for a full coverage foundation, if it works on your skin. You can see me apply this here



W3LL PEOPLE Narcissist Foundation Stick 

Consistency- Cream foundation stick

Coverage- Light to full

Finish- Satin to slighty dewey 

Price- $44.80 / 1g 

Scent- Slightly like castor oil (which is one of the main ingredients) 

Shade Range - 8 Shades

Ingredients - A+ (None of concern and several organic)


Cons: Can be felt on the skin - a little tacky. 


Pros: Super easy application directly from the stick. Great for drier skin types and lovely organic ingredients. Fantastic shade range -  #3 is literally the best match for my skin tone than any foundation I've ever used. Samples can be purchased for $1.50 each. 


My Two Cents:  I don't love the feel of castor oil on my skin (in any product, other than brows). However, it leaves a beautiful, almost airbrushed finish and is a great option for a full coverage, cream foundation for those with texture and/or oilier skin types. The formula is very forgiving if you don't have perfect skin! 

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