Current Clean Beauty Crushes

Alright, alright, alright it is time for some monthly favorites. Except that I have been doing them bi-monthly and I've accumulated way too many products to talk about them all at once. Plus, I've been wanting a more fun name than "monthly faves", hence Current Clean Beauty Crushes. What do you think? Do you like the new name? We'll see if it sticks.

On to the things you actually care about - my current clean beauty crushes. 

The first thing I've been loving is called a "micro-emulsion". Basically, a micro-emulsion is when you take an oil based serum and mix it with a water based serum which creates pure skin care magic. Oil based products behave differently on the skin than water based products do. Usually we layer them - water based serums first, oils last.  When combined our skin reaps the benefits of both products more so than when applied separately. I have to say my skin feels really different and I have to attribute it to using a micro-emulsion day and night. 

To make my micro-emulsion I have been using Kypris Antioxidant Dew as the water-based product and combining it with one drop of either my favorite Ko & Humble Passion Fruit Seed Oil in the morning or Wonderland Organics Balance Serum at night. 

My next crush is on coral. I have not one, not two, but three coral beauty crushes. The first is the nail polish that I'm wearing in the video, which is Juice by 100% Pure. The second are (naturally) lipsticks - Bauble by Silk Naturals and Delish by Nu Evolution

There are also some new contour and highlight products in my life. As you already know from my review and demo, I'm obsessed with the RMS Contour Bronze.  You have got to watch the video below and see Teri Miyahira Beauty's Dew Drop Highlighter. It is INSANE. By insane I mean the most intense, beautiful, amazing highlighter ever.