Natural & Organic Hair Products That WORK

Ever since I chopped my hair short in March, I've been seeing a lot of requests for an updated hair care routine / hair care favorites. Well, my friend, your wish is my command! 

Let's start with the basics - shampoo and conditioner. My favorite standard, affordable shampoo and conditioner are the Desert Essence Fragrance Free Shampoo and Conditioner. They are really, truly fragrance free and leave my hair feeling clean and healthy. For a mildly scented formula that works just as well and is hand crafted, I love Flourish's Honey Blossom line. You might remember me gushing about the body cream and the shampoo and conditioner are just as fabulous.  Update: These days, ok the past year, my go to shampoo is the Beautycounter Daily Shampoo. Even though it is for all hair types, despite the fact they make a different volume shampoo, this shampoo gives my hair the most bounce and body of any shampoo I’ve ever tried. It’s a game changer. It is not the most affordable, but one bottle lasts me about six months.

Let's be real, I don't wash my hair everyday. On the days when I could use a little refresher, but don't really feel like washing my hair I turn to G & G Organics Dry Shampoo. This is an organic powder formula that you dust into the roots of your hair and massage in - it works like a dream. Update: I also enjoy the Primally Pure Dry Shampoo and the Organically Wonderful Dry Shampoo.

You know I love to style my hair! On a rare occasion in which I want either a faster drying time, more of a gritty texture to hold a style, or extra volume I use the Shikai Color Reflect Mousse. This product is the least clean of the bunch, but it definitely isn't terrible. There are a few ingredients I would like to see gone in this formula, but overall I don't use it very often and it does not have a scent that lingers in the hair which I appreciate. 

It's no secret that I think Josh Rosebrook has the absolute best performing hair styling products on the market - natural or conventional! Luckily for me, his formulas are organic and have a delightful mix of essential oils. The scents are not overwhelming and are very light - a little citrus with a hint of herbal but not enough herbal to make you feel like you smell like a hippie if that's not your thing. Bonus for me - the scent also does not linger in the hair. None of these products bother my "scents-itivities". 

My favorite product of his is of course, LIFT. This volume and texture spray is a limp, fine haired girl's wonder product! I am on my third bottle with no intention to stop purchasing it. You can actually see me style my short hair in this video using LIFT. 

I also own the Josh Rosebrook Firm Hold Hairspray. This product works well, but I find that I reach for LIFT more often. 

Lastly, I often get asked about how I color my hair given my preference for natural and organic products and also my severe chemical sensitivity. After developing chemical sensitivity, I actually had to stop dying my hair for about four years until I found an organic option that I could tolerate. 

I previously went to a salon that uses the Organic Color Systems line. The color always looked great and lasted a long time. It doesn't fade and my hair is far healthier than when I used conventional hair dyes, too! Plus, no exposure to ammonia, formaldehyde, PPD and other yucky hair dye ingredients. Win, win! Update: I now go to a salon that uses OWAY color and I like it just as much. Actually maybe more!