One Fix To Better Digestion

The easiest way to help your digestive system might be something you are already doing  - just not enough of.

This hack isn't a dietary system, eliminating a food group or even taking a supplement or pill - it's simply to chew your food. Just a lot more times. 


Aim to chew each mouthful of food about 30 times.




1. Chewing your food sufficiently breaks down larger food particles into much smaller particles. Any extra work that your mouth can do to create smaller particles takes away stress on the stomach and intestines.


2. Having smaller food particles ready to swallow puts a lot more ease on the rest of the digestive system, so that the particles can be fully broken down and assimilated. Basically, you'll be absorbing more nutrients from your food than if you didn't thoroughly chew eat bite. 


3. Another reason why small particles are the best is because large particles can linger in the gut. They can ferment and lead to bloating, gas and other not so fun digestive issues.


4. The longer food particles are exposed to saliva, the more enzymes they are exposed to. Enzymes live in the saliva with the purpose of breaking down food so that the stomach isn't too stressed with too large food particles. 


5. Lastly, because you're chewing each mouthful for a sufficient amount of time you will eat the proper amount of food for your body. When we don't chew thoroughly, we tend to overeat, and then pack on pounds. Chewing keeps us lean! 

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