first trimester

My First Trimester Bumpdate + First Trimester Survival Tips!

Welcome to my very first bumpdate! To hear all about my first trimester experience including finding out and the twelve (twelve!) pregnancy symptoms that I experienced, check out the top video. For my survival tips, scroll to the second. 

By now you've heard that my first trimester was neither glowing, magical or easy. Here are my 11 survival tips: 

1. The "everything is temporary" mindset. 

2. Eat every hour! 

3. Eat whatever it is that your body will allow. Even if it's totally gross and against all of your nutrition knowledge. If you're struggling with this, I recommend checking out this podcast.   

4. Stock up on all forms of ginger, mint and sour things to suck on to alleviate nausea. 

5. Get some labs done if you're suffering or need reassurance. My brutal nausea become tolerable overnight when I increased my dose of thyroid medication. I also requested an HCG blood level prior to my 8 week midwife appointment for reassurance. 

6. Get some comfortable sleep bras! Your boobs will thank you. 

7. Establish a nightly relaxation routine. 

8. Sleep a lot and don't feel bad about it! On the flip side, say active when you can. 

9. Research! I specifically found it productive and helpful to research birth, however, you might enjoy researching baby products instead. My favorite resources for pregnancy and birth research are Mama Natural, The Birth Baby & Life Podcast and The Business of Being Born Documentary. 

10. Put on your own oxygen mask first! This is the time where it's totally cool to be selfish and do the things that you really feel you need to do. 

11. Comfortable pants! You might be surprised to learn that your high waisted compression leggings get crazy tight right away, but you also won't be able to hold up maternity leggings without a legit bump. I just ran out to Marshall's and found a pair of regular black workout leggings in a size larger than normal and they're still working for me at 16 weeks.