Why You Should Use Natural Fragrances..And Ditch Synthetics

Synthetic Fragrance is my personal favorite (by favorite I mean most despised) bad guy ingredient. The scary truth? The US doesn't require that companies disclose the ingredients used to create a fragrance and just lets them get away with putting "fragrance" on the ingredient label. 

Fragrance is a catch-all term that can simply mean a big cocktail of toxic chemicals combined to create a single scent. The scariest part is many of those chemicals have never been tested for safety. Fragrance is known to cause allergies, skin and eye irritation, migraines, dizziness and trigger severe reactions in those that are chemically sensitive.

The good news is that I have a couple of fantastic natural fragrance options for you. In this video, I was lucky to team up with the creator of the natural perfume company Call Of The Vialed who shed some very interesting light on the dirty secrets behind synthetic fragrance and animal testing. Call of the Vialed perfumes are free of any synthetic ingredients and actually disclose far more on their ingredient labels than many other natural perfume company including several components of the essential oils and absolutes that are used in the blends, rather than just saying "essential oil blend" or "C02 Absolutes". I really admire their willingness for full transparency. 

None of these blends suit your fancy? I also recommend Lotus Wei and QET Botanicals perfume blends. To learn more about fragrance and other dirty cosmetic ingredients sign up for my free Clean Beauty Mini-Course down below or check out my full course Clean Beauty Academy. 

Spring Essentials

Spring has finally sprung! I love nothing more than pairing pastels in the spring, but that's not all I feel are essentials for the season.

1. Pink Lipstick. There's nothing like a pop of pink for spring. Top Pick: Honest Beauty Peony Kiss.

2. Glowing Skin. Let's be real, glowing skin is never out of season! From a cream blush, to a serious highlight and a glowing bronzer, I've got you covered.  Top Picks: W3LL People Dusty Rose Universalist Stick, Silk Naturals Limoncello Highlight, Teri Miyahira Beauty Bronzer. 

3. Nude Nails. I gravitate towards No Miss Daytona Sand each spring.

4. Flats, galore! If you live in a cold climate like I do, I'm guessing your flats have also been in hibernation all winter. My favorites are a great pair of Van's metallic slip ons and a chic pointy toe pair from Target. 

5. Switch up your scents. While I love my coconut body scrub from 100% Pure for winter because it's deep and rich, I tend to prefer a lighter scent for spring and summer. Top Picks: Lime Essential Oil (for diffusing), 100% Pure Blood Orange Body Lotion. 

Sinful Scents

Let's talk about fragrance. Fragrances are some of the most offensively toxic beauty products on the market. Those expensive glass bottles contain parabens, pthalates, allergens and a side dish of neurotoxins. The word "fragrance" on an ingredient list can actually be a catch all term for any cocktail of 3100 chemicals.

The chemicals used in creating synthetic fragrance are so toxic they have been found in high concentrations in human breast milk, linked to sperm damage, and are carcinogens. 
They also cause migraines, vertigo, asthma, disorientation, burning skin and acne - even just by second hand inhalation for us chemically sensitive folks. 

I get that a girls still gotta smell good though, so why not check out one of the amazing organic perfume companies that do not use chemicals like Lotus Wei? I also recommend making your own blend with essential oils specifically tailored to your energetic, emotional and physical needs. 

Due to my sensitivities, I've never been a fragrance lover, but after discovering pure, high quality essential oils I've embraced them and sometimes do wear them purely as a scent. Recently, I was checking out of hotel and the concierge complimented me on my perfume. Little did he know all I used was one drop of lavender for anxiety and a drop of peppermint for a migraine!