hollybeth organics

Summer Skin Essentials


Summer is here, which means my skin is being exposed to tons of sun and heat. I've partnered with The Choosy Chick to bring you my new favorite summer skin care essentials to help our skin survive the summer. 

1. This summer's most revolutionary new product is Kari Gran's Three-Sixty-Five Serum. This lightweight serum packs a mineral based SPF punch to allow for fun in the sun. Most of my favorite foundations do not contain SPF and I love that I can use this as skin care (not an extra step) and still be able to wear my favorite makeup all summer long. 

2. My toning mist obsession continues with Hollybeth Organics Marigold Toner Mist. This invigorating and refreshing toning mist is formulated with simple, yet effective, ingredients and is especially great for oily skin. 

3. Moisturized legs are a necessary step to wearing shorts. I've been loving the Acure Dry Body Oil Spray in the coconut scent. It (naturally) smells like the beach, and doesn't leave my limbs feeling greasy. 

4. Here in Wisconsin, we have mosquitos the size of tiny birds. Bug repellent is necessary for any evening activity and Badger Anti-Bug Balm is the best. It is free of toxic and stinky chemicals, but powerfully packed with bug repelling essential oils. It is also a solid balm in stick packaging (like deodorant), so there is no mess! 

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