My Favorite RED Lipsticks / Natural, Organic, Clean Beauty


In honor of Valentine’s Day, to share my love with you I thought I would bring you not one, but TWO lip swatch videos. Earlier this week I shared my three favorite pink lipsticks with you. Today I am sharing my favorite REDS. Also, be sure to open the video in Youtube because there’s a pretty awesome giveaway happening to further share my love with you.

My favorite red lipsticks are:

Axiology Keen

Axiology Worth


You may notice that these are all warm, orange reds. That’s all I own right now. It’s just what I prefer on my skin tone. If you are looking for a cooler, true red shade I suggest looking at 100% Pure Poppy and RMS Beauty Rebound.

Axiology Lipstick in Keen

Tangerine orange-red with a mostly matte finish.


Axiology Lipstick in Worth

Deep orange-brown-red with a creamy finish.


RMS Beauty in RMS Red

Punchy Orange Red


Top 5 Natural & Organic Lipsticks For Fall & Winter

It's no secret that lipstick is my favorite type of makeup and the easiest way to quickly transform your look. Here are my top all natural lipstick choices for fall and winter - most are also organic and free of FD&C dyes! For further description, review and swatches - please see the video below. 

Axiology Worth is a great deeper orangey-red. It's free of FD&C dyes and is also made with organic ingredients. 

Nu Evolution Sultry is a lovely berry - wine shade that looks great full strength or blotted down. This is also make with all natural and organic ingredients and free of FD&C dyes. 

Honest Beauty Mulberry Kiss is a purple-y, more cool toned deep berry shade. It goes on very silky, but looks nearly matte. This is made with natural ingredients, but does contain some dyes. 

Zuzu Luxe Lip Liner Port is the perfect choice if you want a true matte on your lips, but one that is still comfortable. This is not only made with all natural ingredients, but is free of FD&C dyes and it also very affordable. 

Nudus Dirty Diana is the deepest shade of the bunch and is the perfect dark, vampy fall shade. Nudus lipstick shades are created using ancient Ayurvedic formulas, organic ingredients and are also free of FD&C dyes. 

If you'd like more information on how to know which ingredients are clean and which to avoid, follow these options:

1. For beginners, click here

2. For a free mini-course about Clean Beauty, click here.

3. For advanced beauties and those who'd like to learn it all in one go, click here. 

4. For a candid chat about green beauty purism, click here. 

Things I've Been Loving Lately - Podcast, Luxury Beauty & My New Shop

It's been a little while since I did a round of favorite things, so here we go. 


Raise Your Hand, Say Yes with Tiffany Han Podcast                                                                        The Lady Gang Podcast
Green Gurl & Doc Podcast. Check out the episode I guest starred in here. 
On Air With Ella Podcast


Let It Out, A Journey Through Journaling Journal Prompt Book


Teri Miyahira Beauty Brushes
MUN Skin Care Travel Set, See my review here. 
Nudus Lipsticks, See my review here. 

ShopLNL Detox & Chill Tank
ShopLNL Drinks Market Bag

The Organic, Luxury Lipstick Your Makeup Bag Has Been Missing

There, I said it. You need Nudus Lipsticks in your life. They are worth the hype. 


You know how much I love a good lipstick. I want every lipstick to be comfortable to wear, organic, FD&C dye free, ultra pigmented and long lasting. Nudus is all these and many of the shades are nearly matte! Finding a matte lipstick that passes my ingredient standards is seriously tough. 


In addition to the amazing formula, Nudus also does a bang up job on the chic packaging. From the clean white square tube to the artsy naked woman, the design feels luxe. 


The formula is a blend of 27 active natural ingredients and the color formulas are rooted in ancient ayurvedic formulas. 


On to the fun stuff....the shades! Be sure to watch the video for hand and lip swatches. 


27 Kisses- A brownish - pink "your lips but better" shade. It looks good on just about everyone and is a go -to daytime, neutral color. 


Bitter Sweet - A warm orangey-red, but subdued. This isn't a bright, intimidating orange, but it is very classy and very wearable. It's a definite "Laura shade".


Dirty Diana - A deep wine shade that is literally the shade for fall. It is the perfect blend of red, purple and brown for the ultimate vampy look. 


Thank you to The Choosy Chick (one of my favorite online green beauty boutiques) for sponsoring this video! For free US shipping on any Nudus product from The Choosy Chick, enter code FREESHIPNUDUS at checkout. 

Current Clean Beauty Crushes

Alright, alright, alright it is time for some monthly favorites. Except that I have been doing them bi-monthly and I've accumulated way too many products to talk about them all at once. Plus, I've been wanting a more fun name than "monthly faves", hence Current Clean Beauty Crushes. What do you think? Do you like the new name? We'll see if it sticks.

On to the things you actually care about - my current clean beauty crushes. 

The first thing I've been loving is called a "micro-emulsion". Basically, a micro-emulsion is when you take an oil based serum and mix it with a water based serum which creates pure skin care magic. Oil based products behave differently on the skin than water based products do. Usually we layer them - water based serums first, oils last.  When combined our skin reaps the benefits of both products more so than when applied separately. I have to say my skin feels really different and I have to attribute it to using a micro-emulsion day and night. 

To make my micro-emulsion I have been using Kypris Antioxidant Dew as the water-based product and combining it with one drop of either my favorite Ko & Humble Passion Fruit Seed Oil in the morning or Wonderland Organics Balance Serum at night. 

My next crush is on coral. I have not one, not two, but three coral beauty crushes. The first is the nail polish that I'm wearing in the video, which is Juice by 100% Pure. The second are (naturally) lipsticks - Bauble by Silk Naturals and Delish by Nu Evolution

There are also some new contour and highlight products in my life. As you already know from my review and demo, I'm obsessed with the RMS Contour Bronze.  You have got to watch the video below and see Teri Miyahira Beauty's Dew Drop Highlighter. It is INSANE. By insane I mean the most intense, beautiful, amazing highlighter ever. 

The Best Natural Beauty Products

In case you hadn't heard, I'm a little obsessed with finding the absolute best performing natural beauty products.  I've compiled the best that I've tried from foundation to eyeshadow and lipstick in to one video, but I will paraphrase in writing as well. Here we go:

1. Foundations. The 100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer is fabulous for those who want the purest, organic ingredients, a sheer to light coverage and a dewy finish.  If you're already accustomed to shopping at Ulta and Sephora, you may own the next cult classic product already - Bare Mineral Complexion Rescue. This conventional tinted moisturizer has surprisingly good ingredients and is amazing for summer. Beautycounter Tint Skin is a nice hybrid of a foundation and tinted moisturizer with natural ingredients. You already know how much I adore the Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation and you can watch my review and demo of that products right here. If you prefer a powder foundation, check out Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation. 

2. Concealers. W3LL People Bio-Correct is a must! It's mousse- like texture and coverage cannot be beat. Silk Naturals Brightening Concealer #2 is an all natural (and affordable!) dupe for Anastasia banana powder and will brighten up the under eye area. 

3. Blush. For loose powders and a wide variety of shades, Silk Naturals is the place to be.  The W3LL People Universalist Sticks are incredible cream stick blushers and come in both matte and shimmer finishes.  

4. Highlight. Silk Naturals Limoncello is a lovely, affordable cream gold highlight. The cult class, RMS Beauty Living Luminizer gives the most healthy glow from within that it's even used on Victoria's Secret models.

5. Bronzer & Contour.  I have an embarrassing amount of cheek favorites, clearly. The Teri Miyahira Beauty Bronzer is an incredible pressed bronzer, however it is currently only available via her subscription box. However, a very similar loose version of this golden bronzer is W3LL People's Bio-Bronzer. If you 100% want a pressed bronzer, check out 100% Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer, but be sure to use a very light hand. 

6. Eyeshadows. If you are new to green beauty, I would 100% recommend starting with the Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Trios. They are so affordable if you bundle with other Honest Beauty products. The quality and pigmentation of the shadows cannot be beat. For single shadows, Red Apple Lipstick and Honeybee Gardens have a wide variety of lovely shades and finishes. 

7. Brows. Again, Honest Beauty has a wonderful brow filler and it comes with an attached spoolie. If you don't mind sharpening your brow pencils, Alima Pure's are also beautiful. 

8. Mascara. For volumizing formulas, Lily Lolo is where it is at. If you prefer lengthening, again W3LL People takes the cake. If you want to pick up a green mascara from Target, Pacifica Dream Big has a wand that can be twisted to go from volumizing to lengthening. 

9. Lips. Silk Naturals Velvet Matte Lipsticks are affordable and a truly great matte formula. Bite Beauty have lovely, pigmented, high performance lipsticks and can be found easily in Sephora stores. Once again, Honest Beauty has an incredibly moisturizing Demi-Matte Lip Crayon. For the purest of the pure, check out 100% Pure Anti-Aging Lipsticks and Lip Glazes and also Axiology Organic Lipsticks. Click here to watch my organic lipstick collection video. 

For more help transitioning to natural, green beauty products make sure to sign up for my free Clean Beauty Boot Camp mini-course! 

October Favorites

It's that time of the month! This month's favorites include:

1. Pai Bio Regenerate Rosehip Oil. This is an organic, natural alternative to retinols weighs in at only $40.
2. RMS Living Luminizer is the perfect, everyday highlight.
3. Henne Organics Lip Balm made my lips feel so moisturized, even after just one night!
4. The 100% Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer is so pigmented. I'm obsessed!
5. 100% Pure Anti-Aging Lipstick in Poppy. The perfect, cool-toned red that every woman needs in her lipstick collection. It's also free of FD&C dyes and carmine.
6. A new favorite tea! Thao Pomegranate Green Tea
7. Tox-Sick by Suzanne Somers. I cannot recommend this book enough! It is essentially a bootcamp on holistic health and living. It is a must read whether you are just starting out or are a veteran of natural health care!