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The Best Organic Liquid Foundations

Years ago, when I first transitioned to green beauty, the liquid foundations I tried were awful. I'm guessing you can relate. They were sticky, or thick and goopy. Sometimes they were like rubbing grease on my skin and other times they clung to dry patches.

I didn't know about all the retailers and brands that I do now, but I also believe that liquid foundations have come a long way since I first started trying to find a non-toxic one.  

I've tried just about every green foundation and these are the three are the best of the best. All three of them are made with only natural ingredients and many of the ingredients are also organic. They perform so well, they feel amazing on the skin and the ingredients cannot be beat. 

Let's compare. 

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation

Formulated by Gwenyth Paltrow and Juice Beauty to provide a flawless coverage.  It is vegan & Cruelty Free and there are 10 shades. 

Consistency - Thin liquid that is dispensed via a pump.

Coverage - A generous medium with one thin layer, full coverage with two layers. 

Finish- lumious and dewey.

Scent - None.

Price $42 / 1oz. 

Ingredient Score: A+ (none of concern for me, plus organic!).

Cons: No sun protection, two layers (really, really full coverage) can look like you are wearing makeup. 

Pros: The ingredients are fantastic, the coverage is fantastic. It is one of the only foundations that does not settle in my deep forehead lines. Can be conveniently found in many Ulta stores! No need for online shopping...unless you prefer it that way. 

The Bottom Line: I think this foundation is a smash hit if you have normal to dry skin. If you have normal to oily skin, this may too luminious after a few hours. This works well for me in cold, dry winter months, but is too dewey for me in the summer.  You can see my in depth review and demo here. 



Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation

Organic serum foundation, skin care and makeup in one. Formulated for the product minimalist and the line contains 11 shades.


Consistency - Thin serum dispensed via a dropper.

Coverage - Sheer to nearly full.

Finish - Skin like (really, it melts into your skin!) to matte (not dewey).

Scent - Slight, slight slight clay-like scent that is hardly noticeable. 

Price - $54 / 15ml.

Ingredient Score: A+ (none of concern, plus organic!).

Cons: No sun protection, the volume is fairly low for the price. The packaging isn't foolproof. I have spilled mine several times as a result of the dropper bottle. 

Pros: It literally makes you look like you have the most flawless, healthy skin imaginable. The foundation covers redness like no other product I've ever used. The broccoli seed oil gives it an almost silicone like texture. It only takes 3-6 drops of the liquid to cover the whole face. 

The Bottom Line: This is my favorite foundation, but I use it sparingly on its own due to the price. I LOVE mixing one drop of this with any other foundation to enhance the texture and redness coverage. You can see my in depth review and demo here. 



Nu Evolution Complete Coverage Foundation

Formulated with organic ingredients, this baby is pure pigment and loved by makeup artists. The range contains 8 shades.

Consistency - A little thick, dries quickly.

Coverage - Medium to Full.

Finish - Matte.

Scent - Very slight plastic scent when pumped out, but dissipates very quickly. I'm guessing this is from the packaging, not the product. 

Price - $47 for 1 oz.

Ingredients: A+ (none of concern, but organic!).

Cons: The texture is a little dry, so it is best to work in sections. No SPF.

PROS: Matte & Organic! It's so hard to find a matte foundation without harmful chemical ingredients. Wonderful coverage. One pump is all I need for my whole face. 

The Bottom Line: You can't beat this if you want an organic and matte foundation. You can see me apply this here. 

Are you thinking about trying a cream foundation instead? Check out my round-up of the best natural and organic cream foundations right here. 

Non-Toxic Fall Makeup Look

Fall is officially here, which means it's time to break out all the warm shades of makeup that you've been hoarding since last fall. Hooray for berries, wines, oranges, gold and bronzes! 

For this look, I wanted a balance between the eyes and the lips, rather than focusing just on one feature. I applied this shadow from Nu Evolution wet to achieve a glossy, metallic look and blotted this lipstick into a berry stain. 

What is your go-to fall makeup look? 

Bright + Easy Summer Makeup ft. Nu Evolution

You know me, a sucker for a bold lip - no matter the season! This time, I have a fun, really quick and easy summer look with a bright pop of fruit punch pink. I think pink is a less intimidating bright lip option than say, orange. The beauty of this pink lipstick is that it can be worn really sheer which gives a beautiful fruit punch like stain or build it up the way I did in the video. 

You'll notice that I am using a lot of products from the brand Nu Evolution. I have to say, I have yet to try anything that isn't high quality, high performance and high pigment and I can't wait to try more! The line is formulated with makeup artists in mind and has even been used on fashion week runways! Even better - it's made with all natural and some organic ingredients. It is also free of all the ingredients I don't want to put on my skin like parabens, phthlates, mineral oil and even propylene glycol and phenoxyethanol (and more!). High performance + Pure Ingredients = Pure Gold. 

Current Clean Beauty Crushes

Alright, alright, alright it is time for some monthly favorites. Except that I have been doing them bi-monthly and I've accumulated way too many products to talk about them all at once. Plus, I've been wanting a more fun name than "monthly faves", hence Current Clean Beauty Crushes. What do you think? Do you like the new name? We'll see if it sticks.

On to the things you actually care about - my current clean beauty crushes. 

The first thing I've been loving is called a "micro-emulsion". Basically, a micro-emulsion is when you take an oil based serum and mix it with a water based serum which creates pure skin care magic. Oil based products behave differently on the skin than water based products do. Usually we layer them - water based serums first, oils last.  When combined our skin reaps the benefits of both products more so than when applied separately. I have to say my skin feels really different and I have to attribute it to using a micro-emulsion day and night. 

To make my micro-emulsion I have been using Kypris Antioxidant Dew as the water-based product and combining it with one drop of either my favorite Ko & Humble Passion Fruit Seed Oil in the morning or Wonderland Organics Balance Serum at night. 

My next crush is on coral. I have not one, not two, but three coral beauty crushes. The first is the nail polish that I'm wearing in the video, which is Juice by 100% Pure. The second are (naturally) lipsticks - Bauble by Silk Naturals and Delish by Nu Evolution

There are also some new contour and highlight products in my life. As you already know from my review and demo, I'm obsessed with the RMS Contour Bronze.  You have got to watch the video below and see Teri Miyahira Beauty's Dew Drop Highlighter. It is INSANE. By insane I mean the most intense, beautiful, amazing highlighter ever.