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The Daily Page

The Daily Page

With 2015 winding down, now is the time to focus on our wellness goals for the next year and how to actually achieve them. The key to sticking with a successful fitness routine or healthy lifestyle changes is to plan and be prepared. 

We've all been there - planning to have Salmon Salads for dinner and Green Smoothies for breakfast, but without planning...oops. We realize none of those things are in the refrigerator and we quickly run to the Culver's drive through for a Butter Burger. 

That's why Dani, the organizational and creative guru over at Thyme Is Honey created the Daily Page Notepad. This handy one pager keeps all of your commitments, goals, daily to-dos, and yes-even your hydration - all in one place. 

I am a list and planner girl, but sometimes those lists get lost and the planners are not conducive to meal planning or fitness tracking. I absolutely love how easy the Daily Page is to keep all of my daily tasks and goals in one place. Plus, I can keep them and look back on which meals I made when I'm having a moment of meal boredom. 

Today is Mine

Today is Mine

If you are satisfied the current way that you keep track of your daily tasks, but just need a page to track your fitness, food, and hydration, the Today Is Mine Notepad is just the ticket. Just toss a sheet of it into your planner each day to track your wellness habits. 

While you're over at Thyme Is Honey, don't forget to pick up a package of her clever, motivational pencils! Not a fan of notepads? You can also select a digital download instead. 

You can find all of her notepads, digital downloads, pencils, and notecards here. 

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