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My Favorite RED Lipsticks / Natural, Organic, Clean Beauty


In honor of Valentine’s Day, to share my love with you I thought I would bring you not one, but TWO lip swatch videos. Earlier this week I shared my three favorite pink lipsticks with you. Today I am sharing my favorite REDS. Also, be sure to open the video in Youtube because there’s a pretty awesome giveaway happening to further share my love with you.

My favorite red lipsticks are:

Axiology Keen

Axiology Worth


You may notice that these are all warm, orange reds. That’s all I own right now. It’s just what I prefer on my skin tone. If you are looking for a cooler, true red shade I suggest looking at 100% Pure Poppy and RMS Beauty Rebound.

Axiology Lipstick in Keen

Tangerine orange-red with a mostly matte finish.


Axiology Lipstick in Worth

Deep orange-brown-red with a creamy finish.


RMS Beauty in RMS Red

Punchy Orange Red