spring makeup

Non-Toxic Spring Makeup Look


I'm sharing my favorite spring look with you today - complete with PINK lips, of course. I think every spring makeup look I've ever done has featured a pink lipstick. I've also returned to a super easy eyeshadow technique that helps the eye look more open and awake. AKA - a mom's best friend. As always, all products used are non-toxic and all natural, most are organic. If you want to know more about my standard for choosing ingredients, read my manifesto here. 

This video is also a collaboration with Ailish, from The Glow Getter. Make sure to check out her video and her offerings. She's a UK based green beauty blogger, makeup artist and an all around ray of sunshine human being. 



Primer: http://shrsl.com/uv7v
Foundation: http://shrsl.com/uv7w
*Setting Powder: Limited Ed. Similar here: http://bit.ly/2eiFdnk
Powder: http://bit.ly/299SpKQ
Bronzer: http://bit.ly/2FYvC3t
*Blush: Limited Ed. Similar: http://bit.ly/2eiFdnk
Brows: discontinued? 
*Highlight: http://bit.ly/2eiFdnk
*Teri Miyahira Renew Eyshadow limited ed. Similar http://bit.ly/2eiFdnk
Root Eyeshadow (Duke) http://bit.ly/2hHg1I6
RAL Eyeshadow (Yes You Canyon & Espresso) http://bit.ly/2Gn53Vq
Antonym Palette: http://shrsl.com/s6cq
Eyeliner: http://shrsl.com/rih2
Hynt Mascara: http://shrsl.com/kq5a
Lily Lolo Mascara: http://shrsl.com/iutb
Lipstick (Melon Kiss): http://bit.ly/1MzXo7e


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