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Detox Methods / The Healthy Girl's Guide

 My absolute favorite (and easiest, less invasive, cheapest....the list goes on!) way to detox is through the skin. Since the skin is our largest organ, why not utilize it to push the toxins out? 

1. Sweat. Exercise is great, especially something like hot yoga which really makes you drip. 

2. Skin Brush. Skin brushing mobilized the lymphatic system and opens the pours for more effective sweating.

3. Detox Baths. Detox baths (baths with epsom salt) help pull toxins out through the pores. They're also super relaxing. Consider skin brushing first for a more effective bath. 

4. Far Infrared Sauna. These have literally changed my life. No exaggeration. Because the far infrared light penetrates so deeply into the body it helps mobilize the toxins deep in the fat cells. They work their way up and out through the pores in our sweat. Do you want a more in depth post about Far Infrared Sauna? 

5. Detox Supportive Nutrients.  These include Glutathione, NAC, Vitamin C, Silymarin.

6. Toxin Binders. Binders are another method of detox which have been so helpful for me. These include Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, & Chlorophyll. 

As a reminder, just because something is natural & generally regarded as safe does not mean that it is safe for you. Please consult your healthcare practitioner prior to starting any detoxification routine.