The Best Natural Cream Foundations

It's no secret that foundation is my favorite beauty product and that I am addicted to trying as many as I can. It seems only fair that I round up my favorites and let you know which ones you should definitely consider trying. 

Cream foundations are known for their incredible full coverage and flawless finish. The green beauty world certainly has no shortage of cream foundations to try. These four are my favorites. 


Consistency - Hard cream 

Coverage- Sheer to very, very full

Finish- Satin (skin like) to slightly dewy 

Price- $30 by itself, or $16.67 when bundled for .31 oz

Scent - Slightly fruity in the pan, but not noticeable on the skin

Shade Range - 8 shades

Ingredients- A- (none of concern, but not organic)


Cons: This can get a bit greasy in very humid climates. Can look cakey if applied very full coverage. 


Pros: Extremely affordable, Amazing coverage and ingredients. Also can be found at some Ulta stores, however, bundles only available online.  Gives a flawless coverage. 


My Two Cents:  This is my go - to product for a full coverage, flawless look. This applies best for me with a flat foundation brush. For the price, I think it would be silly not to try this one! 



KJAER WEIS cream foundation

Consistency - Really soft, almost mousse-like cream

Coverage - Light to full

Finish - Satin, skin like

Price - $68 for .26 oz in metal packaging, $40 for refill

Scent - Slight clay scent, not noticeable

Shade Range - 9 shades

Ingredients - A (talc may be of concern to some, but it is sourced from Europe. However, many of ingredients are organic!)


Cons: $68 is a big staggering! This can also tend to highlight texture or dry patches on the skin. 


Pros: Fantastic coverage with a flawless finish. This product really melts into the skin beautifully. It is also easy to find samples for purchase, so you can try before you buy. 


My Two Cents:  This looks absolutely amazing on the skin. However, it is a bit finicky and can highlight texture on the face. I also have gotten milia from using this product two days in a row. I love the look of this and I always feel a little like a supermodel, but my skin can't handle this as a daily foundation. You can see me apply this and the Honest Beauty Cream Foundation in a comparison right here. 


SILK NATURALS HD Cream Foundation Stick 

Consistency - Hard cream stick

Coverage - Medium to Full

Finish - Matte

Price - $11.99/ 12g 

Scent - None

Shade Range - 24 shades

Ingredients - A (none of concern, but not organic)


Cons: This formula can be really finicky, depending on how textured your skin is. If your skin doesn't have much texture and is quite smooth, you shouldn't have any trouble. 


Pros: The shade range is enormous! The price cannot be beat. Samples available on Silk Naturals website for $0.99 each. 


My Two Cents: This is a wonderful, affordable option for a full coverage foundation, if it works on your skin. You can see me apply this here



W3LL PEOPLE Narcissist Foundation Stick 

Consistency- Cream foundation stick

Coverage- Light to full

Finish- Satin to slighty dewey 

Price- $44.80 / 1g 

Scent- Slightly like castor oil (which is one of the main ingredients) 

Shade Range - 8 Shades

Ingredients - A+ (None of concern and several organic)


Cons: Can be felt on the skin - a little tacky. 


Pros: Super easy application directly from the stick. Great for drier skin types and lovely organic ingredients. Fantastic shade range -  #3 is literally the best match for my skin tone than any foundation I've ever used. Samples can be purchased for $1.50 each. 


My Two Cents:  I don't love the feel of castor oil on my skin (in any product, other than brows). However, it leaves a beautiful, almost airbrushed finish and is a great option for a full coverage, cream foundation for those with texture and/or oilier skin types. The formula is very forgiving if you don't have perfect skin! 

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