5 Green Beauty Gift Ideas - $15 and under!

Christmas gifts are one of my absolute favorite things to buy, but they don't always have to break the bank! I've partnered with The Choosy Chick to bring you five green beauty gift ideas that weigh in at $15 and under. 

1. Farm to Girl Giggle Fest Sponge

2. Hollybeth Organics Peppermint Orange Lip Balm

3. Indie Girl Hair Ties

4. Kosmetology Hand Sanitizer

5. Solavedi Hand Cream 

The Choosy Chick is one of my all-time favorite green boutiques (as you probably know), because they carry amazing products for the whole family at a variety of price points! They also happen to be having an amazing Black Friday weekend sale. Use the code SAVE15 to snag 15% of your order. Some exclusions may apply. 

We're also giving away one of my FAVORITE organic lipsticks! Open the video in youtube to enter to win a Nudus lipstick in the shade of your choice from The Choosy Chick. 

*This video is sponsored by The Choosy Chick. All opinions & ideas are my own. 

The Best Organic Liquid Foundations

Years ago, when I first transitioned to green beauty, the liquid foundations I tried were awful. I'm guessing you can relate. They were sticky, or thick and goopy. Sometimes they were like rubbing grease on my skin and other times they clung to dry patches.

I didn't know about all the retailers and brands that I do now, but I also believe that liquid foundations have come a long way since I first started trying to find a non-toxic one.  

I've tried just about every green foundation and these are the three are the best of the best. All three of them are made with only natural ingredients and many of the ingredients are also organic. They perform so well, they feel amazing on the skin and the ingredients cannot be beat. 

Let's compare. 

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation

Formulated by Gwenyth Paltrow and Juice Beauty to provide a flawless coverage.  It is vegan & Cruelty Free and there are 10 shades. 

Consistency - Thin liquid that is dispensed via a pump.

Coverage - A generous medium with one thin layer, full coverage with two layers. 

Finish- lumious and dewey.

Scent - None.

Price $42 / 1oz. 

Ingredient Score: A+ (none of concern for me, plus organic!).

Cons: No sun protection, two layers (really, really full coverage) can look like you are wearing makeup. 

Pros: The ingredients are fantastic, the coverage is fantastic. It is one of the only foundations that does not settle in my deep forehead lines. Can be conveniently found in many Ulta stores! No need for online shopping...unless you prefer it that way. 

The Bottom Line: I think this foundation is a smash hit if you have normal to dry skin. If you have normal to oily skin, this may too luminious after a few hours. This works well for me in cold, dry winter months, but is too dewey for me in the summer.  You can see my in depth review and demo here. 



Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation

Organic serum foundation, skin care and makeup in one. Formulated for the product minimalist and the line contains 11 shades.


Consistency - Thin serum dispensed via a dropper.

Coverage - Sheer to nearly full.

Finish - Skin like (really, it melts into your skin!) to matte (not dewey).

Scent - Slight, slight slight clay-like scent that is hardly noticeable. 

Price - $54 / 15ml.

Ingredient Score: A+ (none of concern, plus organic!).

Cons: No sun protection, the volume is fairly low for the price. The packaging isn't foolproof. I have spilled mine several times as a result of the dropper bottle. 

Pros: It literally makes you look like you have the most flawless, healthy skin imaginable. The foundation covers redness like no other product I've ever used. The broccoli seed oil gives it an almost silicone like texture. It only takes 3-6 drops of the liquid to cover the whole face. 

The Bottom Line: This is my favorite foundation, but I use it sparingly on its own due to the price. I LOVE mixing one drop of this with any other foundation to enhance the texture and redness coverage. You can see my in depth review and demo here. 



Nu Evolution Complete Coverage Foundation

Formulated with organic ingredients, this baby is pure pigment and loved by makeup artists. The range contains 8 shades.

Consistency - A little thick, dries quickly.

Coverage - Medium to Full.

Finish - Matte.

Scent - Very slight plastic scent when pumped out, but dissipates very quickly. I'm guessing this is from the packaging, not the product. 

Price - $47 for 1 oz.

Ingredients: A+ (none of concern, but organic!).

Cons: The texture is a little dry, so it is best to work in sections. No SPF.

PROS: Matte & Organic! It's so hard to find a matte foundation without harmful chemical ingredients. Wonderful coverage. One pump is all I need for my whole face. 

The Bottom Line: You can't beat this if you want an organic and matte foundation. You can see me apply this here. 

Are you thinking about trying a cream foundation instead? Check out my round-up of the best natural and organic cream foundations right here. 

Non-Toxic Fall Makeup Look

Fall is officially here, which means it's time to break out all the warm shades of makeup that you've been hoarding since last fall. Hooray for berries, wines, oranges, gold and bronzes! 

For this look, I wanted a balance between the eyes and the lips, rather than focusing just on one feature. I applied this shadow from Nu Evolution wet to achieve a glossy, metallic look and blotted this lipstick into a berry stain. 

What is your go-to fall makeup look? 

The Organic, Luxury Lipstick Your Makeup Bag Has Been Missing

There, I said it. You need Nudus Lipsticks in your life. They are worth the hype. 


You know how much I love a good lipstick. I want every lipstick to be comfortable to wear, organic, FD&C dye free, ultra pigmented and long lasting. Nudus is all these and many of the shades are nearly matte! Finding a matte lipstick that passes my ingredient standards is seriously tough. 


In addition to the amazing formula, Nudus also does a bang up job on the chic packaging. From the clean white square tube to the artsy naked woman, the design feels luxe. 


The formula is a blend of 27 active natural ingredients and the color formulas are rooted in ancient ayurvedic formulas. 


On to the fun stuff....the shades! Be sure to watch the video for hand and lip swatches. 


27 Kisses- A brownish - pink "your lips but better" shade. It looks good on just about everyone and is a go -to daytime, neutral color. 


Bitter Sweet - A warm orangey-red, but subdued. This isn't a bright, intimidating orange, but it is very classy and very wearable. It's a definite "Laura shade".


Dirty Diana - A deep wine shade that is literally the shade for fall. It is the perfect blend of red, purple and brown for the ultimate vampy look. 


Thank you to The Choosy Chick (one of my favorite online green beauty boutiques) for sponsoring this video! For free US shipping on any Nudus product from The Choosy Chick, enter code FREESHIPNUDUS at checkout. 

The Best Natural Cream Foundations

It's no secret that foundation is my favorite beauty product and that I am addicted to trying as many as I can. It seems only fair that I round up my favorites and let you know which ones you should definitely consider trying. 

Cream foundations are known for their incredible full coverage and flawless finish. The green beauty world certainly has no shortage of cream foundations to try. These four are my favorites. 


Consistency - Hard cream 

Coverage- Sheer to very, very full

Finish- Satin (skin like) to slightly dewy 

Price- $30 by itself, or $16.67 when bundled for .31 oz

Scent - Slightly fruity in the pan, but not noticeable on the skin

Shade Range - 8 shades

Ingredients- A- (none of concern, but not organic)


Cons: This can get a bit greasy in very humid climates. Can look cakey if applied very full coverage. 


Pros: Extremely affordable, Amazing coverage and ingredients. Also can be found at some Ulta stores, however, bundles only available online.  Gives a flawless coverage. 


My Two Cents:  This is my go - to product for a full coverage, flawless look. This applies best for me with a flat foundation brush. For the price, I think it would be silly not to try this one! 



KJAER WEIS cream foundation

Consistency - Really soft, almost mousse-like cream

Coverage - Light to full

Finish - Satin, skin like

Price - $68 for .26 oz in metal packaging, $40 for refill

Scent - Slight clay scent, not noticeable

Shade Range - 9 shades

Ingredients - A (talc may be of concern to some, but it is sourced from Europe. However, many of ingredients are organic!)


Cons: $68 is a big staggering! This can also tend to highlight texture or dry patches on the skin. 


Pros: Fantastic coverage with a flawless finish. This product really melts into the skin beautifully. It is also easy to find samples for purchase, so you can try before you buy. 


My Two Cents:  This looks absolutely amazing on the skin. However, it is a bit finicky and can highlight texture on the face. I also have gotten milia from using this product two days in a row. I love the look of this and I always feel a little like a supermodel, but my skin can't handle this as a daily foundation. You can see me apply this and the Honest Beauty Cream Foundation in a comparison right here. 


SILK NATURALS HD Cream Foundation Stick 

Consistency - Hard cream stick

Coverage - Medium to Full

Finish - Matte

Price - $11.99/ 12g 

Scent - None

Shade Range - 24 shades

Ingredients - A (none of concern, but not organic)


Cons: This formula can be really finicky, depending on how textured your skin is. If your skin doesn't have much texture and is quite smooth, you shouldn't have any trouble. 


Pros: The shade range is enormous! The price cannot be beat. Samples available on Silk Naturals website for $0.99 each. 


My Two Cents: This is a wonderful, affordable option for a full coverage foundation, if it works on your skin. You can see me apply this here



W3LL PEOPLE Narcissist Foundation Stick 

Consistency- Cream foundation stick

Coverage- Light to full

Finish- Satin to slighty dewey 

Price- $44.80 / 1g 

Scent- Slightly like castor oil (which is one of the main ingredients) 

Shade Range - 8 Shades

Ingredients - A+ (None of concern and several organic)


Cons: Can be felt on the skin - a little tacky. 


Pros: Super easy application directly from the stick. Great for drier skin types and lovely organic ingredients. Fantastic shade range -  #3 is literally the best match for my skin tone than any foundation I've ever used. Samples can be purchased for $1.50 each. 


My Two Cents:  I don't love the feel of castor oil on my skin (in any product, other than brows). However, it leaves a beautiful, almost airbrushed finish and is a great option for a full coverage, cream foundation for those with texture and/or oilier skin types. The formula is very forgiving if you don't have perfect skin! 

To see the best natural and organic liquid foundations, click here. 

Bright + Easy Summer Makeup ft. Nu Evolution

You know me, a sucker for a bold lip - no matter the season! This time, I have a fun, really quick and easy summer look with a bright pop of fruit punch pink. I think pink is a less intimidating bright lip option than say, orange. The beauty of this pink lipstick is that it can be worn really sheer which gives a beautiful fruit punch like stain or build it up the way I did in the video. 

You'll notice that I am using a lot of products from the brand Nu Evolution. I have to say, I have yet to try anything that isn't high quality, high performance and high pigment and I can't wait to try more! The line is formulated with makeup artists in mind and has even been used on fashion week runways! Even better - it's made with all natural and some organic ingredients. It is also free of all the ingredients I don't want to put on my skin like parabens, phthlates, mineral oil and even propylene glycol and phenoxyethanol (and more!). High performance + Pure Ingredients = Pure Gold. 

Current Clean Beauty Crushes

Alright, alright, alright it is time for some monthly favorites. Except that I have been doing them bi-monthly and I've accumulated way too many products to talk about them all at once. Plus, I've been wanting a more fun name than "monthly faves", hence Current Clean Beauty Crushes. What do you think? Do you like the new name? We'll see if it sticks.

On to the things you actually care about - my current clean beauty crushes. 

The first thing I've been loving is called a "micro-emulsion". Basically, a micro-emulsion is when you take an oil based serum and mix it with a water based serum which creates pure skin care magic. Oil based products behave differently on the skin than water based products do. Usually we layer them - water based serums first, oils last.  When combined our skin reaps the benefits of both products more so than when applied separately. I have to say my skin feels really different and I have to attribute it to using a micro-emulsion day and night. 

To make my micro-emulsion I have been using Kypris Antioxidant Dew as the water-based product and combining it with one drop of either my favorite Ko & Humble Passion Fruit Seed Oil in the morning or Wonderland Organics Balance Serum at night. 

My next crush is on coral. I have not one, not two, but three coral beauty crushes. The first is the nail polish that I'm wearing in the video, which is Juice by 100% Pure. The second are (naturally) lipsticks - Bauble by Silk Naturals and Delish by Nu Evolution

There are also some new contour and highlight products in my life. As you already know from my review and demo, I'm obsessed with the RMS Contour Bronze.  You have got to watch the video below and see Teri Miyahira Beauty's Dew Drop Highlighter. It is INSANE. By insane I mean the most intense, beautiful, amazing highlighter ever. 

Natural & Organic Hair Products That WORK

Ever since I chopped my hair short in March, I've been seeing a lot of requests for an updated hair care routine / hair care favorites. Well, my friend, your wish is my command! 

Let's start with the basics - shampoo and conditioner. My favorite standard, affordable shampoo and conditioner are the Desert Essence Fragrance Free Shampoo and Conditioner. They are really, truly fragrance free and leave my hair feeling clean and healthy. For a mildly scented formula that works just as well and is hand crafted, I love Flourish's Honey Blossom line. You might remember me gushing about the body cream and the shampoo and conditioner are just as fabulous.  Update: These days, ok the past year, my go to shampoo is the Beautycounter Daily Shampoo. Even though it is for all hair types, despite the fact they make a different volume shampoo, this shampoo gives my hair the most bounce and body of any shampoo I’ve ever tried. It’s a game changer. It is not the most affordable, but one bottle lasts me about six months.

Let's be real, I don't wash my hair everyday. On the days when I could use a little refresher, but don't really feel like washing my hair I turn to G & G Organics Dry Shampoo. This is an organic powder formula that you dust into the roots of your hair and massage in - it works like a dream. Update: I also enjoy the Primally Pure Dry Shampoo and the Organically Wonderful Dry Shampoo.

You know I love to style my hair! On a rare occasion in which I want either a faster drying time, more of a gritty texture to hold a style, or extra volume I use the Shikai Color Reflect Mousse. This product is the least clean of the bunch, but it definitely isn't terrible. There are a few ingredients I would like to see gone in this formula, but overall I don't use it very often and it does not have a scent that lingers in the hair which I appreciate. 

It's no secret that I think Josh Rosebrook has the absolute best performing hair styling products on the market - natural or conventional! Luckily for me, his formulas are organic and have a delightful mix of essential oils. The scents are not overwhelming and are very light - a little citrus with a hint of herbal but not enough herbal to make you feel like you smell like a hippie if that's not your thing. Bonus for me - the scent also does not linger in the hair. None of these products bother my "scents-itivities". 

My favorite product of his is of course, LIFT. This volume and texture spray is a limp, fine haired girl's wonder product! I am on my third bottle with no intention to stop purchasing it. You can actually see me style my short hair in this video using LIFT. 

I also own the Josh Rosebrook Firm Hold Hairspray. This product works well, but I find that I reach for LIFT more often. 

Lastly, I often get asked about how I color my hair given my preference for natural and organic products and also my severe chemical sensitivity. After developing chemical sensitivity, I actually had to stop dying my hair for about four years until I found an organic option that I could tolerate. 

I previously went to a salon that uses the Organic Color Systems line. The color always looked great and lasted a long time. It doesn't fade and my hair is far healthier than when I used conventional hair dyes, too! Plus, no exposure to ammonia, formaldehyde, PPD and other yucky hair dye ingredients. Win, win! Update: I now go to a salon that uses OWAY color and I like it just as much. Actually maybe more!


A Realistic (And ORGANIC) Contour With RMS Beauty

While I don't do a full contour and highlight everyday, I do like knowing that it is a wonderful tool in which I can use to feel super glamorous. The only problem? Most contour shades are unrealistic. They are orange, or grey. Some are shimmery. Some are muddy or chalky. Most are not green and are full of toxic chemicals or if they do pass the ingredient test they are messy loose powders.  I have found a few products that I can improvise with to use a contour shades (hello, cool toned - mid toned brown eyeshadows). I've seen Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty talk about how the contouring craze has gone awry here and here. So when I saw that RMS came out with a cream contour shade, I bought it immediately. 

Let's get down the the important stuff, the ingredients:

*Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, *Cera Alba (Beeswax) (Cire d’abeille), *Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, *Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, **Mauritia Flexuosa (Buriti) Fruit Oil, Tocopherol (non-GMO), *Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract
May Contain [+/-]: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxide (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Mica     * CERTIFIED ORGANICn**WILDCRAFTED

I'd say they pass the test! Organic and Clean. 

The texture is lovely. If you've every tried and loved an RMS product, you already know what to expect. The color is spot on and mimics a natural shadow. Most of all I love that I can wear it minimally for a daytime look or go a bit heavier for full glam. I would rate this product a solid 10 out of 10! 

Summer Skin Essentials


Summer is here, which means my skin is being exposed to tons of sun and heat. I've partnered with The Choosy Chick to bring you my new favorite summer skin care essentials to help our skin survive the summer. 

1. This summer's most revolutionary new product is Kari Gran's Three-Sixty-Five Serum. This lightweight serum packs a mineral based SPF punch to allow for fun in the sun. Most of my favorite foundations do not contain SPF and I love that I can use this as skin care (not an extra step) and still be able to wear my favorite makeup all summer long. 

2. My toning mist obsession continues with Hollybeth Organics Marigold Toner Mist. This invigorating and refreshing toning mist is formulated with simple, yet effective, ingredients and is especially great for oily skin. 

3. Moisturized legs are a necessary step to wearing shorts. I've been loving the Acure Dry Body Oil Spray in the coconut scent. It (naturally) smells like the beach, and doesn't leave my limbs feeling greasy. 

4. Here in Wisconsin, we have mosquitos the size of tiny birds. Bug repellent is necessary for any evening activity and Badger Anti-Bug Balm is the best. It is free of toxic and stinky chemicals, but powerfully packed with bug repelling essential oils. It is also a solid balm in stick packaging (like deodorant), so there is no mess! 

Use the code LNL for 10% Off your order at

All Natural, Heat Proof Makeup - Ft. Nu Evolution, Kari Gran & 100% Pure

It has been a seriously sticky summer and it is barely July! This calls for some heat proof makeup. You know I won't sacrifice healthy ingredients so per usual, all of these summertime staples are all natural and some are even organic. 

1. To prep my skin for the sunshine, I began with the new Kari Gran Three-Sixty-Five Serum. This new serum is incredible because it has SPF. But it's a serum. {Jaw Drops}.  For foundation I mixed the Nu Evolution Complete Coverage Foundation (matte, very heat proof) with one drop of my Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation. To set my liquid base, I dusted a teensy bit of the Zuzu Luxe Pressed Powder on top. 

2. For the cheeks, I wanted to keep it very minimal with the heat. No contour or even highlight! I used just a dusting of a Teri Miyahira Beauty Blush and the 100% Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer. 

3. Again, I wanted to keep it simple on the eyes and play up the lips. I filled in my brows with the Honest Beauty Brow Filler, used only three shadows to create a little dimension on the eyes from my Bare Minerals Nature of Nudes Palette and attempted a little Zuzu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner. 

4. To top if off, I went with an orange lip. Bright orange-y reds and pure oranges are my favorites shades of lip color and there is no better time to wear them than the peak of summer. I chose 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lipstick in Hibiscus. It's organic and pigmented with fruit so there are no FD&C Dyes or carmine. 

Morning Skin Care Routine - Osea Malibu Review

Morning skin care to me means refreshing and gentle products that prep my skin well for makeup and for the day. I've really been enjoying the OSEA Malibu line lately, especially for summer mornings.  

The Cleansing Milk is a silky, creamy liquid that gentle rejuvenates my skin without leaving it feeling stripped. The Sea Vitamin Boost is life. I can't stop gushing about it. It's that incredible. Their Atmosphere Protection Cream is a lightweight moisturizer, with a hint of geranium, that preps the skin for makeup. It's not greasy or heavy, at all. For the full review, watch the video below. 


The Best Natural Beauty Products

In case you hadn't heard, I'm a little obsessed with finding the absolute best performing natural beauty products.  I've compiled the best that I've tried from foundation to eyeshadow and lipstick in to one video, but I will paraphrase in writing as well. Here we go:

1. Foundations. The 100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer is fabulous for those who want the purest, organic ingredients, a sheer to light coverage and a dewy finish.  If you're already accustomed to shopping at Ulta and Sephora, you may own the next cult classic product already - Bare Mineral Complexion Rescue. This conventional tinted moisturizer has surprisingly good ingredients and is amazing for summer. Beautycounter Tint Skin is a nice hybrid of a foundation and tinted moisturizer with natural ingredients. You already know how much I adore the Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation and you can watch my review and demo of that products right here. If you prefer a powder foundation, check out Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation. 

2. Concealers. W3LL People Bio-Correct is a must! It's mousse- like texture and coverage cannot be beat. Silk Naturals Brightening Concealer #2 is an all natural (and affordable!) dupe for Anastasia banana powder and will brighten up the under eye area. 

3. Blush. For loose powders and a wide variety of shades, Silk Naturals is the place to be.  The W3LL People Universalist Sticks are incredible cream stick blushers and come in both matte and shimmer finishes.  

4. Highlight. Silk Naturals Limoncello is a lovely, affordable cream gold highlight. The cult class, RMS Beauty Living Luminizer gives the most healthy glow from within that it's even used on Victoria's Secret models.

5. Bronzer & Contour.  I have an embarrassing amount of cheek favorites, clearly. The Teri Miyahira Beauty Bronzer is an incredible pressed bronzer, however it is currently only available via her subscription box. However, a very similar loose version of this golden bronzer is W3LL People's Bio-Bronzer. If you 100% want a pressed bronzer, check out 100% Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer, but be sure to use a very light hand. 

6. Eyeshadows. If you are new to green beauty, I would 100% recommend starting with the Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Trios. They are so affordable if you bundle with other Honest Beauty products. The quality and pigmentation of the shadows cannot be beat. For single shadows, Red Apple Lipstick and Honeybee Gardens have a wide variety of lovely shades and finishes. 

7. Brows. Again, Honest Beauty has a wonderful brow filler and it comes with an attached spoolie. If you don't mind sharpening your brow pencils, Alima Pure's are also beautiful. 

8. Mascara. For volumizing formulas, Lily Lolo is where it is at. If you prefer lengthening, again W3LL People takes the cake. If you want to pick up a green mascara from Target, Pacifica Dream Big has a wand that can be twisted to go from volumizing to lengthening. 

9. Lips. Silk Naturals Velvet Matte Lipsticks are affordable and a truly great matte formula. Bite Beauty have lovely, pigmented, high performance lipsticks and can be found easily in Sephora stores. Once again, Honest Beauty has an incredibly moisturizing Demi-Matte Lip Crayon. For the purest of the pure, check out 100% Pure Anti-Aging Lipsticks and Lip Glazes and also Axiology Organic Lipsticks. Click here to watch my organic lipstick collection video. 

For more help transitioning to natural, green beauty products make sure to sign up for my free Clean Beauty Boot Camp mini-course! 

Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation Review & Demo

Remember how I've been gushing about this new foundation in my life?  Seriously, the Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation is hands down my favorite natural, organic foundation. I can't put it down! I can't stop shouting from the rooftops how much I love it. 

First, the ingredients are insane and organic.  It has a silicone like texture that comes from broccoli seed oil that allows the product to apply effortlessly.  It's an oil based serum foundation, but it sets matte. Not matte and flat. No, my dear, it sets matte and skin like. When I say skin like I mean that no one will be able to tell you're wearing foundation. It's that good! 

Second, it corrects redness like no other product I've ever tried. Watch the demo below and see just what I mean. 

Gressa offers a color matching service so you won't have to guess on your shade. I wear shade 3. 


Introducing... EWG Verified!

Oh em gee.... you already know how much I adore the Environmental Working Group and their efforts to make learning about healthier beauty products so stinking easy.

That's why I'm thrilled to announce their new campaign - EWG Verified.

Basically, they've taken their Skin Deep Database one step further and are granting a special EWG Verified mark to products that meet their rigorous requirements.

Now, when you see this mark on a product while you're shopping you will know that it is free of all ingredients that are of concern to the EWG, is transparent in ingredient labeling (including fragrance ingredients! Yippee!), and is manufactured using the best practices. 


To celebrate the launch of the campaign the EWG curated several Beauty Baskets chock full of a few of the 118 EWG Verified products. I'm so excited to share them with you, and also offer you a chance to win one yourself! To enter the giveaway, just follow the link at the end of the post. Now, on to the goodies :)


A Few of the EWG Verified Products 

Silk Therapeutics Eye Revive

Cocoon Apothecary Eyewaken Eye Cream

Cocoon Apothecary Rosy Cheeks Facial Cream

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Refining Sugar Cleanser

Beauty counter Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Biossance The Revitalizer

W3LL People Bio-Brightener Stick

Sally B's Glossy Lip Gloss

Rejuva Minerals Pur Lips Moisturizing Lipstick

Purely Great Unscented & Citrus Cream Deodorant

Celtic Complexion Creme

Sally B's B Quenched Facial Oil

Makes 3 Organic Orange Blossom Soap Bar

Makes 3 Organic Lavender Cheek to Cheek Body Balm

Just The Goods Vegan Perfume Oil

Just The Goods Body Butter


Don't forget to visit the NEW EWG Verified Website and enter the giveaway below! 


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of EWG VERIFIED™. The opinions and text are all mine.

Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand.

3 Secrets To Glowing Skin

Hello, beauty! It's time to get your glow on, because glowing skin is always in. Have you bought into this myth that your skin is the result of what you put on it? All the lotions and potions in the world will not transform your skin. 


Glowing Skin Comes From Within. 

If you've signed up for my email newsletters, you've already received my 5 Nutrition Tips to Glowing Skin. If you haven't, you're going to want to pick that up at the bottom of this post. 

In regards to diet, it is essential to stay hydrated! Drinking an adequate amount of water each day is essential for plump, glowing skin. Another huge piece of the skin puzzle is to avoid dairy. There is no other sure fire way of getting breakouts and acne than a dairy binge!

It is also essential to detoxify. If you can't get the toxins out of your body, they will come out in your skin. There is no where else for them to go. The best way to do this nutritionally is to eat a plant based diet. I'm talking veggies at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The fiber from all the fabulous vegetables and fruits that you are eating will help escort those toxins right out of your system. 

In last place comes finding skin care products that work well for your skin. My current favorite skin care routine is:

Aleavia Cleanse 2x/day

Ko & Humble Passion Fruit Seed Oil 2x/day

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive 2x/week

Acure Brightening Scrub 1x/week