chemical sensitivity

Ep. 8: Travel Tips For Chemical & Mold Sensitive Adventurers


In this solo episode, Laura shares how to travel safely with chemical sensitivity and mold illness. In this episode you'll learn: 

- How to scout for a hotel or AirBNB that will be safe for you.  I forgot to verbally mentioned the pros and cons of an AirBNB / VRBO/ HomeAway type rental in the podcast. I've only stayed in these type of rentals twice - both times they were beyond amazing and accommodating to my needs. I think if you can find a host who is willing to divulge all the information you want, is sensitive to your needs (and is sensitive themselves is even better) then you might be able to find an awesome place. Many hosts are very invested in their rentals and know a lot about the buildings, so you may be able to get even more information out of them. The risk to these types of rentals is that you're typically locked in for the full fee if it ends up not working out for you. 

- Tips for what to bring along to decrease chances of having a reaction. 

Please remember to consult your own doctor regarding your healthcare. This podcast is not intended as medical advice. 

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