Ep. 5: Don't Forget To Breathe! With Pilates Coach Megan Dowd

Megan and Laura talk about what the heck breathwork even is and why we should be paying attention to breathing. 

Megan Dowd is a virtual Pilates coach for women who take care of business, and in the process, may forget to take care of themselves. Her whole body approach is always rooted in doing the work without taking yourself too seriously - basically, she's your Pilates Leslie Knope. 

Megan also made a private page of breathing freebies just for listeners of Non-Toxic Pursuits. Check out what she has in store at https://www.megandowdpilates.com/lnlpodcast.

*This podcast is not professional medical advice and does not replace your healthcare practitioner. 

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Megan tells us:


-What the heck is breathwork?

-What happens to your body when we pay attention to our breath.

-How breath fuels our movements.

-And takes us through a beathwork exercise. 

All while we giggle our pants off.

You can find more Megan at:


Instagram @megandoespilates