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Is Your Home Making You Sick? Building Biologist Martine Davis on Mold, Chemicals and EMFs

Today we're talking to Martine Davis, Certified Building Biologist about how to make your home toxin free and common things in your home that could be making you sick. These include hidden mold, chemical toxins and EMFs. We'll also debunk some myths about mold and Martine will give you expert advice on how to affordably have a safe home. She'll also let you know how to tell if your home is making you sick and who to call for help. 


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Martine and I talk about....

-Building Biology vs. Mold Inspection vs. Air Inspection

-How to tell if your home is making you sick

-Common toxins she finds in nearly all homes

-Mold truths and myths

-Toxic Dust

-The chemicals in your home that are making you sick

-Air purification

-Testing the air in your home

-How to find a reputable building biologist or environmental air inspector. Search for a building biologist first. If not, search for a Certified Environmental Consultant - not just a mold remediator / inspector.

-Whether it's better to have chemicals or mold

-Easy things you can do to make your home as toxin free as possible


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