Since indoor air quality is significantly more polluted than outdoor, and we spend most of our lives indoor, this is the best way to keep yourself healthy - by having the knowledge that you need to make confident choices for inside your home. 

It is all about feeling confident that you know how to make healthy product choices for your home: from cleaning products and cleaning routines, to choosing furniture, sealing building materials that may be messing with your health and even air and water filtration. 


You spend 90% of your time indoors, yet indoor air quality is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. 

Are you...

- A homeowner who wants to be certain that your hard earned dollars are paying for the healthiest home possible?

- Concerned your home environment could be making you sick? 

- Concerned with chemical off gassing in your home from products, furniture and building materials and how they may affect your children?

- Wanting to be confident you are making the healthiest choices for your body, your family, your home and within your budget, without comparing yourself to the crunchiest Jone's?


This course is for the chemically sensitive person or the person who worries about chemicals affecting the health of their family. This course is chock full of tools, not rules. Everything I teach you is 100% customizable to your life. And I promise I won't tell you to throw away all your belongings and start from scratch. 


You will learn everything you need to know to become a conscious, wise, empowered consumer of home products from small to large. 

We'll cover everything from cleaning supplies, storage materials, cookware, furniture, building materials, air and water filtration and more. 

Well-ing Your Dwelling will teach you everything you need to know, plus more tools for the future should you need them. Also this course will help prioritize what is most important for you to spend your time, energy and money on for your home.